Repurpose an old cupboard door into a party platter

cheese board diyI love chalkboard paint. It can turn so many old, outdated items into fun and functional art for you home. Chalkboard paint can come in a variety of colors so don’t feel like you have to use black. Use a color that compliments your home.

I found my old doors at Stardust building supply for $4 each. The door handles were 50 cents each.

1. Clean and sand the doors. Fill in any holes left over from other handles or knobs.
2. Attach your new handles.
3. Paint your chalkboard paint letting dry between coats.
4. Add bumpers to the bottom to protect your counter top.
5. Embellish with wood, left over jewelry or anything you love.
6. Follow the directions on the chalk paint container to “season” your board.
I used chalkboard paint pens vs. chalk. I really don’t like the powder residue near my food from chalk. Speaking of food, the chalkboard paint is not food grade. Be sure to add paper under your food to be safe.

Let your imagination run wild as you upcyle gift bags!

cards and gift bags DIY

A girlfriend of mine gave me a dozen handmade cards as a gift. I not only loved them, but found it was great to have them on hand for those last minute cards.

I decided to take it a step further and make matching gift bags for my friends. One holiday I made a dozen cards and matching gift bags and gave them to my friends as a gift. Guess what??? They loved it. They were fun and inexpensive to make. All you need is a few afternoons to complete, but it will give you months of love from your besties.

upcycled gift bags Terri OSupplies:

–Assorted gift bags in different sizes and colors. I even recycle some bags by covering up logos with stickers and paper.
–Assorted tissues. I let the theme of the tissue dictate how I decorate my gift bag.
–Plain cards, envelopes and tags
Stickers, glue, ribbons and pretty papers


All I can really do is offer up tips. I let the theme of the tissue paper inspire me. I even like to add unusual embellishments like feathers, metal findings, rope etc. The bottom line is let your imagination run wild. Chances are if you like it, someone else will, too. Especially if they know it was handmade with love!