‘Tweet Lil’ Wooden Bird with Scrapbook Paper and Thread Spools

Super Simple Terri OI saw a folk art bird like this one for sale in a shabby chic shop. The tag was $12! Eek!

I am going to show you how super simple it is to lovingly craft one bird for a tenth of that. For $12 you could recreate a flock of these sweet tweeters!

You might have to spend all of a $1 for the wooden bird, but the rest of the tools and craft supplies you probably already have to hand.  The whole project takes about 30 minutes to do. Honestly, I spent the most time picking out buttons and the paper I wanted to use.

You’ll need, buttons, spools of thread, a length of ribbon or cord ,a bamboo skewer, a wooden bird, glue, 2 contrasting yet complimentary scrapbook papers, plus a pencil and scissors.

Terri O CraftFor the base, I used 3 little spools of thread I had as part of a sewing kit and tied them together.

Use Aileen’s or E6000 to glue the buttons on top of the spools.

Insert skewer.

Next I traced the bird and the wings onto scrapbook paper and cut them out

Tip: If you take a piece of white scrap paper and press it down on around the edges of the elevated bird’s wing, you will get enough of an impression to cut out a wing template.

I glued the paper and the button eyes down with regular Elmer’s glue.

Terri O DIY crafts

I managed to buy the last bird in the store. But this project would be cute if the bird had a couple of tweet friends. Just as you might display 3 candles at separate heights as a centerpiece, you could have 3 birds at different heights – simply shorten 2 of the skewers.

Alternately I could have painted the bird.

Terri O