Terri’s Terrific Tacos

The idea behind frying my own taco shells comes from my mom. I grew up in Arizona so Mexican food was something I ate growing up. I never knew that most people bought their taco shells already cooked and formed. My mom always fried the shells so now I do too. If you have never done it before give it a try I think you will really love the taste.


Canola oil

Corn tortillas

  1. I have an old pan that I use just for frying shells. It’s really ugly and my husband keeps trying to throw it away but I love it. It’s seasoned and fits the shells perfectly. You can use any frying pan or cast iron pan. Have a paper plate ready with a few layers of paper towels on it and some tongs. You don’t want to be getting these things while you are frying shells! Add about ¼ inch of oil and heat until just before it starts to smoke. If it’s smoking it’s too hot.
  2. Test the edge of the tortilla by dipping it into the oil. If it starts to fry and bubble it’s ready!
  3. Gently place the shell in the oil and with your tongs gently push the center of the shell down. It will automatically bubble up and if you don’t push and hold it down the edges will cook too fast without the middle cooking at all.
  4. If you like your tacos soft, flip your shell over after about 10 to 15 seconds. Fold in half and fry each side for about 5 to 10n seconds. For crisper shells add about 5 to 10 seconds on each side.
  5. Lift shell out of pan and let the oil drip off and place your shell on the paper towels. The towels will absorb any excess oil. Fry all your shells at once. Keep in mind your oil may continue to get hot so you will want to watch that. Remember no smoking oil.
  6. For hard flat shells fry each side until crisp. Test the shell in the center with your tongs. In order for you to have yummy crispy shells it must be hard. If it bends or bounces it’s not done.
  7. Now these aren’t the healthiest of foods but hey…you can walk an extra mile tomorrow! Enjoy.