Table Top Water Fountain

I find the sound of a bubbling brook soothing. This DIY craft brings the sound of nature indoors for about $65-80 A fountain purchased at retaill would cost you at least twice this amount and you would not be able to say proudly, “I made it myself.”

Craft Materials Needed:Table Top Water Fountain

·    1 20-inch saucer for your base

·    Terra cotta pots and saucers of various sizes

·    Fountain pump, available at most craft stores or garden shops

·    Glass marbles or stones

·    Large file

·    Patio Paint

Project Instructions:

  1. Terra cotta is very porous so seal the pots with Patio Paint before you start.
  2. Using a file, make V notches in saucers (except the 20-inch base) where you want the water to cascade down.
  3. Turn terra cotta pots upside down to create the waterfall bases and place in 20-inch saucer. Place the fountain pump under the tallest terra cotta pot, with the pump’s tube going up through the pot’s drainage hole.
  4. Put a hole large enough for the water pump tube in the center of saucer. Place on top of the tallest pot to create the top of your waterfall, making sure pump’s tube goes through hole (you can cut the tube to desired length).
  5. Place glass marbles or stones in the pots. You can get creative and put in real flowers or small figurines.