Love Bug Magnets

kids crafts terri oSupplies:

3 to 4 inches craft foam, red, white or pink

1 1/4-inch pompom, red, white or pink

1 1-inch pompom, red, white or pink

1 1-1/2-inch pompom, red, white or pink

3 12-inch, 4-mm pipe cleaners, red, white, pink or purple (for legs)

1 6-inch, 4-mm pipe cleaner, red, white, pink or purple (for antennae)

10 10-by-12-mm heart-shaped pony beads, red, white or pink

1 pair 10-mm wiggle eyes



1-1/2 inches of 1/2-inch adhesive-backed magnetic strip


kids crafts terri o

Completion Time: 15 minutes


  1. Cut a figure 8 out of craft foam, making top circle a little smaller than bottom (This will be love bug’s head and body).
  2. Cut 12-inch pipe cleaners in half. Twist around pencil to curl “legs.” Glue 3 on each side of “body” circle.
  3. Cut 6-inch pipe cleaner in half for antennae. Glue on head.
  4. Put 1 heart-shaped bead on each antennae and leg. Turn back ends of pipe cleaners so jagged edges aren’t sticking out.
  5. Glue 1-1/2-inch pompom on body base and 1-inch pompom on head base. Glue two heart beads vertically in center of 1-1/2-inch pompom.
  6. To make nose, glue 1/4-inch pompom on 1-inch pompom. Glue on eyes.
  7. Cut magnetic strip into 1-inch and 1/2-inch pieces. Glue to back of love bug.

Embroidery Thread Pen Pals

Pen Princesses Terri ONeed to keep those tween and young teen girls busy at a slumber party when it is too hot outside for the pool?

Embroidery thread in different colors (you can buy variety packages of embroidery floss), pens, glue, tooth picks, scissors, and a healthy dose of imagination are all that’s required to craft these embroidered pen pals.

My assistant Carol even made them for members of her writer’s group. She told me, “I was faced with blank-page blues and ran away to my craft room.”

Super simple and cute! No embroidery needle (or skills) necessary.


10 large crystal rondelles from this bag became crowns, 2 of the little ones were used as bling in a necklace. What would you make with the leftover rondelles?

10 large crystal rondelles from this bag became crowns, 2 of the little ones were used as bling in a necklace. What would you make with the leftover rondelles?

Crystal Rondelles, Industrial Chic™
Embroidery Thread – Variety Color Pack
Elmer’s Glue
Rhinestones, Wire and other beads for embellishing


Paper on my work surface
Water in a Water Bottle Cap
Empty Egg Carton (for sticking pens in as you make them)

ICTOcurled-hairICTOqueenInstructions for making hair:

You can make hair long or short, in one braid or two, string beads for dreadlocks, and make curls.

Bangs: Cut five short pieces of thread. Use a toothpick to apply glue to top of head and forehead. Apply bangs before applying other hair.

Long curls: cut about 6 inch lengths of the desired color of thread (at least 7), wet it, wrap it around a toothpick and set aside to dry. Once dry, simply slide the thread off the toothpick.

Tip: Hair is easier to manage if you tie it in the center. When you glue it on, make sure your knot is at the bottom.

ICTOheadInstructions for pen bodies:

1.  Choose the color thread you want for the face.
2.  Dab about a ½ inch of glue onto one side of the pen at the flat top. (You can also use round pens.)
Tips: You really only need the glue on one side as some will try to seep through the thread if you use too much. It does dry clear.) Note your spot by starting on the side with the manufacturers logo.
ICTOskirt3.  Wind thread around.
4.  Chose the color for the blouse.
5.  Dab glue on side the length you want the blouse or dress.
Wind thread around—one color or multicolor.
Tip: If you wind several strands at once it takes less time.
ICTOarms6.  Dab glue on the side the length you want for the skirt.
7.  Wind thread.
8.  Break a toothpick in half for the arms and glue one to each side.
9.  Use another toothpick and dab glue on the back between the toothpick arms.
10.  Wind thread around for the sleeves and to make shoulders—you can use the same color you used on the blouse or a contrasting color.
11.  Glue on hair.
12.  Crown you Queen or Princess by adhering rondelle with glue.

10 pen princesses Terri O

Make a Soothing Botanical Lotion Bar

Dry skin?

Treat it kindly.

Use these natural ingredients in a mold to make pretty, sweetly scented, soft-skin feeling botanical lotion bars.

These make nice gifts for a friend and great bridal or baby shower favors!

You can custom blend drops of essential oils to relieve stress.

The process is super simple and the ingredients are available at many health food markets.

Terri O Super SimpleIngredients:

1 Tbsp. jojoba oil, grapeseed oil or apricot kernel oil

(You may also mix two oils together to equal 1 Tbsp.)

1 Tbsp. shea butter

200 I.U. vitamin E oil

1 Tbsp. minus 1/8 tsp. beeswax

1/2 tsp. essential oil, any variety

Project Instructions:

Melt wax and remove 1/8 tsp. Add jojoba, grapeseed or apricot kernel oil. Remove from heat and add vitamin E and essential oil. Pour into lotion bar tubes or molds and let set before putting cap on. Allow mixture to set 12 hours before using. Makes two 3/4-oz. lotion bars.

Up next: Bath Salts and Powders


‘Tweet Lil’ Wooden Bird with Scrapbook Paper and Thread Spools

Super Simple Terri OI saw a folk art bird like this one for sale in a shabby chic shop. The tag was $12! Eek!

I am going to show you how super simple it is to lovingly craft one bird for a tenth of that. For $12 you could recreate a flock of these sweet tweeters!

You might have to spend all of a $1 for the wooden bird, but the rest of the tools and craft supplies you probably already have to hand.  The whole project takes about 30 minutes to do. Honestly, I spent the most time picking out buttons and the paper I wanted to use.

You’ll need, buttons, spools of thread, a length of ribbon or cord ,a bamboo skewer, a wooden bird, glue, 2 contrasting yet complimentary scrapbook papers, plus a pencil and scissors.

Terri O CraftFor the base, I used 3 little spools of thread I had as part of a sewing kit and tied them together.

Use Aileen’s or E6000 to glue the buttons on top of the spools.

Insert skewer.

Next I traced the bird and the wings onto scrapbook paper and cut them out

Tip: If you take a piece of white scrap paper and press it down on around the edges of the elevated bird’s wing, you will get enough of an impression to cut out a wing template.

I glued the paper and the button eyes down with regular Elmer’s glue.

Terri O DIY crafts

I managed to buy the last bird in the store. But this project would be cute if the bird had a couple of tweet friends. Just as you might display 3 candles at separate heights as a centerpiece, you could have 3 birds at different heights – simply shorten 2 of the skewers.

Alternately I could have painted the bird.

Terri O

Cork Foam Board Memo Board

Not only is this memo board cute, it is sturdy!

It made it home from a trade show without visible wear and tear or structural damage (and it was tucked into a vehicle that was packed full of stuff!) Kudos to the folks at Elmer’s for pairing a thin layer of cork on top of foam-core board. The super simple instructions for this memo board are below, but I can see this as useful as elementary school science project explanation boards.

What might you use Cork Foam Board to make?


Elmer’s 20” x30” x 3/8” Cork Foam Board

Board Mate Dual Tip Glue Pen

CraftBond Quick Dry Dual Tip Pens

Glue Spots, thin-small

X-Acto Curve Knife with Z Series #11 Blade

Metal Ruler

12” x 12” Self Healing Cutting Mat


Scrapbook Paper

Painters brand Opaque Paint Markers in coordinating colors


30” lengths of 1/8” wide each of two coordinating colors

12” length of 3/8” wide patterned ribbon

8 flathead thumbtacks

8 1/2” to 3/8” buttons



Measure four equal portions of the Cork Foam Board. Score board lightly with your X-Acto Knife (place it against the metal ruler for cutting ease) then cut deeper with several passes of the knife. You now have four pieces that are 10” x 15”.

Place the board vertically on your work surface. Mark and measure 7 1/2” down from each corner and draw a line horizontally connecting the marks.

Generously apply glue to the top half of the board and cover with scrapbook paper. Flip foam board over and use X-Acto knife to trim edges.

Flip the board back over and mark the middle along each edge of the paper side of the board.

Glue ribbon at corners only crossing board as shown it the photo. Trim  excess length with scissors.

Apply a line of glue across bottom edge of paper and adhere patterned ribbon. Trim excess.

Use glue spots to attach buttons to ribbon intersections and tops of thumbtacks.

Use paint markers to decorate cork as you wish and then let dry.

Attach your chosen hanger to the back or place in a wooden frame.


Hmmmm… I can see vintage looking scrapbook paper paired with repurposed jewelry instead of buttons or,


sports themed scrapbook paper and matching sports buttons…

However you make this project, I wish for you to have fun!

Two Contempo Wall Art Craft Projects

Add instant pop to a plain wall with this simple project. If you change your decor with the seasons or for holidays, creating different sets of these “tiles” is an inexpensive way to change the feel of a room. The flower placement lends a natural contrast and another dimension of color.

Terri O Super SimpleCraft Materials Needed:

  • Styrofoam™ Brand Foam – 1″ x 12″ x 36″ sheet, three
  • Scrapbook paper:  12″ x 12″, nine sheets
  • Ribbon, 1″ x 12 yds.
  • Ruler
  • Sharp pencil
  • Serrated knife and old candle; or, dental floss
  • Thick, white craft glue
  • Sawtooth picture hangers, nine
  • Straight pins (optional)


  1. Using ruler and pencil, score foam sheet to create three, 12″ x 12″ squares. Wax serrated knife with an old candle. Holding foam sheet firmly on a flat surface, extend one end and cut across score line, using knife like a saw. Or, try dental floss: stand the sheet on its edge, and hold a 20″ length of dental floss along the scored line, positioning one hand at the bottom of the board and the other at the top; draw the dental floss down through the foam sheet along the scored line. Repeat with remaining two foam sheets.
  2. Spread white craft glue on foam square, center 12″ x 12″ paper, and adhere to foam. Repeat, covering all of the foam squares.
  3. Pin or glue ribbon around edges.
  4. Glue sawtooth picture hanger to back. For additional hold, insert and glue two straight pins through holes in sawtooth picture hanger.
  5. Let dry before hanging.

Typical Project Completion Time: 1-2 hours


Terri Ouellette

Concert shirts? Vacation shirts? Upcycle ’em!

Click the link below for the how to video from my Sonoran Living segment: