Relieve Stress

Take a few minutes out of your busy day to relieve a little stress with these super simple moves.

First, take 3-5 deep breaths, more if you have time.  The slower and more controlled, focusing on the breath the better.

Do a Downward Facing Dog.  This pose is an inversion allowing blood to move toward the brain.  On the floor with hands(under the shoulders) and knees(slightly behind the hips), bring the hands shoulder width apart and the feet hips width apart.  Tuck your toes, lift your hips and make a triangle with your body and the floor.  Hold this pose for 5 deep breaths.

Put your legs up the wall or on a couch.  Lie down and lift your legs on top of a couch or chair so the calves are resting on the seat.  Lay your arms by your side palms facing up. You can put your legs up the wall as a more advanced version of this restorative pose. Cover your eyes with an eye pillow and rest for 10-20 minutes.  This is really rejuvenating and will reduce your stress as long as you keep your mind quiet and free from distractions.  It’s okay to play some soft, soothing music if that helps.

Compliments of yoga instructor Lisa Kneller.

Early Morning Stretch


There’s nothing like an early morning stretch to get your blood moving and awaken your bones! Here are three stretches you can do in your jammies:

1)  Side/Backside Stretch – Standing with feet hips width apart and parallel, lift both arms toward the ceiling, interlace the fingers and push your palms up.  Rooting down with your feet, press up tall with your hands and feel the stretch.  Then begin to round your back slightly to one side and push through the backside.  Lift back to straight and then round your back slightly to the other side, pushing through that backside as well.

2) Shoulder Stretch/Forward Bend – Standing with your feet greater than hips width apart, interlace your fingers behind your back. Roll the shoulders up and back and begin to take a forward bend while lifting the arms up and back behind you.  As you are in the forward bend, allow your torso to lift with an inhale and then on the exhale, squeeze the shoulder blades together and try to stretch your arms over head a little further.  Repeat that a couple of times and on your last inhale, press down through your feet and rise back up to standing.

3)  Forward Bend With Twist – Standing with feet hips width apart, bend forward and place your left hand on the floor directly under your nose.  Bend your left knee (keeping the right leg straight) and lift your right arm towards the sky.  Take a few breaths there and on your last exhale, lower the right arm back down.  Switch sides.

Compliments of Lisa Kneller, HealthwiseHolyYoga.

Office Workout

Open the upper body with some stretches.

Check out this video with my personal trainer Clarence.  He shows us how we can refresh our energy right by the office computer!  Hey – if you like this, make sure you share it on facebook!