Create Mosaic Stepping Stones for Your Garden

One of the things I love about making a house into a home is how the garden and patio area evolves over time—that area needs a tree, and that’s the perfect shaded area for an extra bench and I think I will plant dahlias this year, or maybe Gerber Daisies. There’s a spot where I naturally step to turn on the hose so I can give my roses a little extra drink. The spot is bare making it the perfect place for a stepping stone!

Super Simple with Terri O

Mosaic Stepping Stones

It’s simple to make a stepping stone (or stones if you are planning a path) ,easy to complete in a weekend!

Materials Needed:

Cement stepping stone
Versabond bonding mortar
Polyblend sanded tile grout
Ceramic tiles
Large ziplock bag
2 disposable buckets
2 disposable stirring sticks

Step 1: I think it’s easiest to have your tiles broken before you start. Place ceramic tiles face down on newspaper and cover with a towel. Gently – but firmly – break tiles using your hammer.

Step 2: Mix mortar according to directions on bag using one of the buckets and stirring sticks. Spread out a thick layer across top of cement stepping stone. (Or, work in small sections as you go.)

Step 3: Start placing your tile pieces along mortared top of stepping stone. You’ll have about 15 minutes or so to work before mortar starts to dry. Continue until top is covered with tile pieces.

Step 4: Once tile is set, you’ll have to let the mortar dry for a couple of days before grouting. Follow instructions on bag.

Step 5: To mix grout: Follow instructions on back of bag.

TERRI TIP: Pour mixed grout into a Ziplock baggie. Slice off a corner and you’ve created a pastry bag. This is a great way to grout a project like this. Place a thick layer of grout across top of tiles. Using your sponge, wipe excess off tiles and make sure grooves are filled in.

Take time to inhale the sweetness of spring!