Cherish Summer Memories

Once the summer vacation is over and it’s back to school, wouldn’t it be nice to look back and remember the fun?

Terri_O_crafts__Save_summer_memories_wit_678240000_20130618095925_640_480Here are a few projects you can prepare before you even pack your suitcase.

1. Plan to save. Bring ziplock bags, containers and envelopes to help you keep all of your items in one place. Save things like maps, ticket stubs, room keys, napkins anything you find that means something to you and reminds of the good times you had.

2. Buy themed paper kits. One kit will have almost everything you need to help you tell your story. They have paper and embellishments for almost any event you could possibly think of…

3. For the kids, I always pre-cut the paper to fit their scrapbook. When possible I bring my portable printer and we print as we go. That way when we get home their book is almost finished.

4. If you love to scrapbook then create a page that tells a story and display it. You can always add it to your scrapbook later.

5. My personal favorite is to pick a photo and add some summer finds to it in a shadow box. Some I have displayed for years while others I will take apart and reuse for the next vacation.

Want to see how this all came together? Here’s the Sonoran Living episode LINK.

Create a memento of one of your favorite events or a collection of memories

We spend hours preserving photos of enjoyable events.

Why not do the same with other items that mean something special to us? This project is a great way to showcase special mementos from an important event in your life, or make a unique gift.

I designed the shadow box (below, left) for my BFF Steve.

terri o

You can also create shadow boxes from paper and embellishments, vacation mementos, found objects, or collections of your treasures. It’s super simple!

You will need:

·    Framed shadow box

·    Craft glue or glue dots

·    The items you want to include

·    Paper or fabric for the background


  1. Take apart your shadow box frame and cut out your paper for the background. Glue the paper to the inside background.
  2. Lay out your design on the paper or fabric before you glue anything down.
  3. Once you are happy with your layout, paying attention to the layers you want, glue the items you have chosen down.
  4. Stand you project upright to make sure everything is secure.
  5. If you want, write in the corner or on the back of the box if appropriate , the date or event your shadow box commemorates.
  6. Reassemble your frame and enjoy!

Tip: I added a family picture to one of my shadowboxes. To this day it remains one of my favorite keepsakes.