Decorate Your Back to School Gear

What you need to help decorate your back-to-school gear:

crafty pencils Terri OCrazy pencils
Micro beads
Any fibers
Two sided tacky tape
Plastic containers or small plastic bags
Wrap tape around pencil or favorite pen.
Wrap ribbon or fibers around pen. If you want to use beads you can just dip the pencil into the beads for best results.
Use the cover of the tape to help secure any loose beads by placing it over the beads and squeezing.

Personalize_your_school_supplies__782870000_20130726100826_320_240Notebook supplies:
Notebooks, folders or composition notebooks
Favorite paper and embellishments
Xyron sticker maker or Creative Station

I cut my favorite paper to fit a notebook 7 ¼ x 10 inches and the composition notebook at 6 ½ x 9 ½ .

WATCH how SUPER SIMPLE these crafts are to make.


Freedom Banner

What does freedom mean to you?

Here is a banner you can craft to share and celebrate that meaning with family and friends this upcoming Independence Day!

Supplies you will need:

chipboard letters, heavy card stock, ribbon, glitter, scrap paper, paint, glue, scissors, clips and string.

I’d love for you to comments and share what freedom means to you.

This is the banner my video inspired a friend to make a year ago and her blog about what freedom means to her.

freedom banner

Two Contempo Wall Art Craft Projects

Add instant pop to a plain wall with this simple project. If you change your decor with the seasons or for holidays, creating different sets of these “tiles” is an inexpensive way to change the feel of a room. The flower placement lends a natural contrast and another dimension of color.

Terri O Super SimpleCraft Materials Needed:

  • Styrofoam™ Brand Foam – 1″ x 12″ x 36″ sheet, three
  • Scrapbook paper:  12″ x 12″, nine sheets
  • Ribbon, 1″ x 12 yds.
  • Ruler
  • Sharp pencil
  • Serrated knife and old candle; or, dental floss
  • Thick, white craft glue
  • Sawtooth picture hangers, nine
  • Straight pins (optional)


  1. Using ruler and pencil, score foam sheet to create three, 12″ x 12″ squares. Wax serrated knife with an old candle. Holding foam sheet firmly on a flat surface, extend one end and cut across score line, using knife like a saw. Or, try dental floss: stand the sheet on its edge, and hold a 20″ length of dental floss along the scored line, positioning one hand at the bottom of the board and the other at the top; draw the dental floss down through the foam sheet along the scored line. Repeat with remaining two foam sheets.
  2. Spread white craft glue on foam square, center 12″ x 12″ paper, and adhere to foam. Repeat, covering all of the foam squares.
  3. Pin or glue ribbon around edges.
  4. Glue sawtooth picture hanger to back. For additional hold, insert and glue two straight pins through holes in sawtooth picture hanger.
  5. Let dry before hanging.

Typical Project Completion Time: 1-2 hours


Terri Ouellette

Concert shirts? Vacation shirts? Upcycle ’em!

Click the link below for the how to video from my Sonoran Living segment:


Ribbon Organizer

Ribbon Organizer and Space Saver!

I found this project to be the best way to keep all my ribbon spools organized. All you need is a dowel, a sturdy shoe box and a sharp knife. If your box is big enough you can make two rows like I did. Cut a slit to hold the ribbon in place. That way it’s right where you need it when you need it.