Water Bottle Jewelry

Level: Super Simple

Designed by: Heidi B www.cool2craft.com

This is another very clever idea by one of my all time favorite designers Heidi B. I have watched her for years and have learned how to look at trash a completely different way. You will be amazed at all the things you can do with plastic water bottles. This is just the beginning! Thanks Heidi!


Plastic water bottle
Different colors of felt


  1. Cut out a bracelet from the bottom of an empty water bottle.
  2. Cut small squares of felt to cover the plastic and glue to the bracelet.
  3. Make flowers by cutting a small strip of felt and rolling it into a circle. Put a dab of glue as you start and when you get to the end. Let dry.
  4. Glue your flowers to the bracelet.
  5. No one will ever know it’s a water bottle bracelet



Old Jeans Re-purposed

Before you throw out those used up and torn jeans, see what Terri O can do with them. You will be inspired.  Watch HERE.  Or, see directions below:

Here are a few tips:

  • Keep certain parts intact. For example the fly, pockets, labels and tags, belt loops and any embellishments.
  • Cut out areas bigger than you think you might need them.
  • To stiffen fabrics use a fabric stiffener. You will find it at the craft store. There are a few brands.
  • If you need to shape the fabric around something adhere it to the item first then brush with fabric stiffener.
  • Here are a few things I made with old jeans: a lamp shade, notebook cover and picture frame.

Have fun and get creative! Send me pictures of your recycled jeans projects.