Glues and Adhesives 101

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Easy Bleached T-Shirt

So Simple, So Cool

New or old t-shirts can be customized with a little bleach and water. Learn how to create your very own custom designs in minutes.


Dark t-shirt (old or new)  If you use a new t-shirt you may want to prewash it to get the stiffness out.
Spray bottle with equal parts water and bleach
Heavy paper to cut out your design
Adhesive to attach paper to t-shirt ( I used a permanent adhesive roller)
Draw and cut your design out. Tape to the front of your t-shirt.
Lay out your t-shirt over newspaper. Spray with your mixture of bleach and water. Watch your t-shirt change color before your eyes! Rinse immediately in water and let dry. Wear your design proudly and be the envy of all your friends.

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101 Decoupage

A long time craft that dates back a hundred years or more. Find out how easy it is and what you need to get started.  Watch HERE!

Beaded Wine Glasses

This project is by far one of the most popular projects to date. The reason why is that it is so super simple to do. NO CRAFT EXPERIENCE REQUIRED. Of course I try to offer easy projects all the time but this one is not only easy but you can enjoy the results of your creativity. Check out the segment and print the instructions. I promise you will thank me later!

Sassy Headbands

Love these!!!  Be a trend setter with your own custom headband. These cost less than 3 bucks to make! Think of the possibilities.