Unruly Eyebrows

1. The quickest way to care for your eyebrows is to run an eyebrow brush through them quickly to add shape and to get rid of any specs of foundation or powder. Always comb up and out to open up the eyes.
2. The most elegant brow is elongated, simple, and clean.
3. Don’t tweeze above your eyebrows, as it may become fuzzy. If your brows are messy on top, you can see a professional to have it waxed.
4. If you’ve messed up waxing or plucking your eyebrows and need the hair to grow back fast, here are a couple of tricks you can try. Put olive oil on your eyebrows at night (lot of olive oil) and don’t wash it off. You can also use vitamin E tablets to help the hair grow faster. Just split the capsule open and spread the gooey insides on your eyebrows. You can also stimulate growth by massaging your brow with a toothbrush.
5. If your eyebrows are too dark when compared to your hair (maybe you’ve colored or highlighted your hair), you can get your eyebrows colored too. Eyebrows should normally be one or two shades darker than your hair color. Keep in mind that the FDA warns against lightening your eyebrows, but it is generally safe if you have a professional do the work.
6. Remember as you tweeze that the space between your eyebrows should be about the same length as your eyes.
7. If your brows are sparse or spotty, you can fill them in with a brow powder or eyebrow pencil.