Show Your Love to Mom with a Flying Heart

I am here at the International Women’s Show in Michigan teaching classes with and sharing the ILOVETOCREATE stage with the Crafty Chica and Juliana Hudgins and we are having so much fun! This is my prize student, Juanita Fillip, from Thursday’s I LOVE MOM picture frame class. If you’d like to make the frame at home, here’s how:

Supply List from I Love to Simple with Terri O

Flying Heart stencils 4×8 26762

Large Script Alphabet 7×10 26765

Small pouncers

Large pouncers

Black So Soft

Gold So Soft

Purple So Soft

Fabric Fusion glue

Glitter Bond

Lavender glitter

Gold Glitter

Other supplies:

Terri O

I LOVE MOM frame by Terri O

Wood frame with cut out heart


Paper towels

Paper plate

Water container



Piece of paper to sprinkle glitter on


  1. Stretch and twist your fabric to loosen it up. Pull on edges to create frayed edges. With light strokes paint fabric black working from the edges in. Let dry. Paint gold working edges in and let dry.
  2. Lay frame, facing up, on fabric and trace edges and heart with a pencil. Cut out shape and save the left over fabric. Twist and turn fabric and re-fray edges and inside of heart. You want to create a distressed look to the fabric. You can use the opportunity to take out your aggressions! Do the same with the left over pieces. I tied a few knots in the left over strips.
  3. Glue fabric to frame with Fabric Fusion. I used this glue because it dries clear and won’t show thru the fabric when it dries. I smooth the glue over the frame with my finger focusing on the edges of the frame and the heart. Lay fabric on frame. You might have wrinkles and folds but that is a good thing!! Don’t stress out about trying to make it perfect or smooth.
  4. Stencil Crown above the heart at an angle. I used black paint. Let dry.
  5. Stencil heart with wings at an angle at the bottom of the heart. I used purple shading it from the dark to light. Let dry. (this won’t take long)
  6. With the same stencil lay it just below the image you just stenciled and with your sponge, add the glitter bond. Place frame over a piece of paper and sprinkle the lavender glitter over the stencil. Shake off excess glitter on paper. Use the paper to put the leftover glitter back in your container.
  7. Use the crown stencil and place over the black crown and pounce with sponge and add glitter bond. Add gold glitter. Use the same paper under your project to replace the left over glitter.
  8. Cut out the letters M and O from your stencil sheets.
  9. Stencil the letter M to the right, top side of your frame.
  10. Below the M place the inside stencil of the O. You are doing a reverse stencil.
  11. Below the O place the M stencil again and stencil.
  12. Go back to the O and place the stencil over the O and add the glitter bond and sprinkle gold glitter.
  13. Using your left over paints on your pouncers, highlight the edges of your frame and the left over strips of fabric.
  14. Glue the fabric strips along the edges and corners of your frame.
  15.  Give to your favorite person in the whole world…Mom!