Graduation gifts “Money Bouquet” & “Money Roll”

graduation money gift

“Money Bouquet”

I used $50 in $5’s to make my bouquet.


Flower pot

Floral foam or Styrofoam

Floral wire and/or green pipe cleaner

Wire cutters

Grass or shredded paper to cover floral foam


Floral pick to hold card or tag

Silk leaves


1.      Fold bills into an accordion long ways then fold in half.

2.      Wrap floral wire around the center of two bills and un-fan them. Make sure you leave a long stem. You can always cut them down later once you start to arrange.

3.      Place floral foam inside flower pot. Push it in so it’s snug. Arrange your flowers to your liking bending and twisting the wire so you can see all the flowers.

4.      Cover foam with shredded grass and insert pick to hold tag.

I think these might be fun gifts for someone’s birthday or a new bride and groom!

crafty way to gift money

“Money Roll”

I used 50 $1 bills.


Translucent tape


Small tissue box decorated


1.      Tape each bill together length wise. Tape some tissue to the first bill in the money roll.

2.      Carefully pull apart the bottom of the tissue box and insert the money roll.  Carefully push the tissue out the top and glue closed.

3.      Decorate the tissue box with ribbon and stickers.