Jewelry cleaning and repair tips!

If you have ever experienced your jewelry leaving dark marks on your skin, try painting the back or the parts that touch your skin with clear nail polish.

To fix a missing stone, find a nail polish the color of the stone and fill in the spot where the stone is missing. You can also use glitter glue — it comes in a large variety of colors.

jewelry box To create a new look, you can paint your jewelry with nail polish. There are so many colors you can match almost any outfit!

To clean costume jewelry, use a soft cloth or soft bristle brush and some dishwashing liquid. For tougher jobs, you can use a plain, basic toothpaste with a soft brush. Just be careful to not scrub too hard and be careful not to scratch any of the stones.

If you lose a jewel and you have it, be sure to use a jewelry glue to repair it. It will ensure your jewels stay put with the right adhesive. You can find it in the glue section at any craft store.