Funky and Fun Lamp – a Room Decor Craft

super simple craftI have crafted lampshades as funky, elegant, fun, and elsewhere on the fabric remnant spectrum — including old blue jeans. Here’s the blue jean DIY video.

Materials and Tools:tc_lamp


Paper to make a pattern on fabric



Adhesive (E6000, Aileen’s or hot glue with a glue gun)

Trim of choice

Lampshade Instructions:

  1. To cover a lampshade you need to make a pattern. Tape about 4 pieces of paper together in a semi-circle. Lay your shade on its side with the top facing you. Start where the seam is and slowly roll your shade while drawing a line with a pencil. Roll it all the way around until you reach the seam again. Do it a second time in the same spot so you can trace the bottom. Cut out your pattern and use it to cut your fabric. Your fabric should fit just perfect!
  2. Tack the fabric to the shade with adhesive. Use sparingly. If the fabric is thin the glue may show thru when you turn the light on. Try to stick to the edges. Add your trim and you are done.