How to Simply Embellish a Dollar Store Craft Mask with a Gold Crown or Keep on Adding Dimensions

Oh man do I wish I had purchased more of these masks for a buck. I could play all afternoon as the crazy crafty cat lady! (Wish there had been dog masks too!) These masks are sturdy (not bendable) plastic covered in glitter.

The whole project took about 40 minutes.

To simply cut a crown you’ll need Rowlux Illusion Film (it comes in all kinds of colors and swirls) and a the outline of a crown shape which you can easily pull off the web and print to the size you need.

precut-crownTape the crown shape to the back of the film and cut. Then, cut strips in the bottom and fold as shown.

foldTape it to the inside of the cat mask. Viola! You are done!


Tip:  If you glue or hot glue it instead, make your glue layer thin as this is resting against your forehead and you want it to be comfortable.


Have more than 10 minutes and want to embellish your crown more? Good. I did too.


The cool thing is that the Rolux Illusion Film is that it is heavy enough to hold up the Graphic 45 Brads as jewels. I used my new Westcott Craft Knife and cut a horizontal hole in the 5 crown peaks. Insert and fold brads.


Want to keep going? Yay!

I painted some glue in each ear and added some Raspberry Shattered Mica Flakes by Art Mechanique.


At this point I was feeling top heavy, and you know, they eyes have it. I used Indigo Blu’s English Cottage Acrylic Paint: Vodka Martini  to outline the eyes.


With this mask you are ready to be Queen of the Cats!

cat-mask-supersimplewithterrio-halloweenAre you ready to dress up for Halloween?




How to Make Your Jack O’ Lantern Last Longer

Terri O - How to Preserve Your Pumpkin

Tip from Terri O: The pumpkin on the left was preserved with hairspray. After 6 days: it was getting soft spots and mold. The pumpkin in the center was preserved with a combo of bleach, lemon juice and vinegar. Nope. That did not work. But the pumpkin on the right was preserved with 2/3 cup bleach per gallon of water. After 6 days, it looks fabulous!

Carve your pumpkin.

Fill a bucket with 1 gallon of water and add 2/3 cup of bleach. If that is not enough water to cover your pumpkin double the recipe.

Let soak for 24 hours.

Remove pumpkin and place upside down so it will drain well.

Super. Simple.

Enjoy for as long as you can!! Mine lasted at least a week as of this posting!

t o pumpkin

Shiny pumpkin tip: Rub on little bit of oil with a tissue or cloth.


Monster Mums! So Cute to Craft!

monster mums Terri O

Give a flower some eyes and a pretty pot and you have a terrific not terrifying Halloween decoration. The perfect hostess gift. You don;t even have to feed it!

Craft Supplies and Tools:

Two 3″ styrofoam balls for each Mumster
For the base: a Halloween gift box or decorated terracotta pot with another styrofoam ball
Large silk purple mums
Colored animal eyes
12″ x 3/8″ wooden dowel
Marble or stone vase filler
Straight pins
Chenille stems and bead garland
Black paint
Low-temp glue gun

Project Instructions:Terri O Monsterm Mums Halloween

Monster MumsGlue one of the 3″ balls inside the box or pot. Fill the remainder of space inside the box with stone vase filler for added support.
Paint the dowel black and let dry.
Cut a small hole in the top of the box to stick the dowel into the ball. Use glue on the end of the dowel.
Pull the mum blossoms from the stems. Insert into the other 3″ ball. Use low temp glue to secure.
Glue eyeballs to the center of each mum blossom. Glue the mum covered ball to the top of the dowel.
Embellish the dowel with bead garland and add chenille stem antennas to the top of the topiary.

Special thank you to Flora Craft for project idea.

Wanna see me make them? Click here. 

4 Unique Jack o’ Lanterns – Choose your style or make ’em all!

Get crafty with these four crazy pumpkins for Halloween.

Funky Medina Pumpkin
Level: Intermediate
Designed by: Terri O
Inspired by:

It was a combination of others that inspired me to create this cutie. I kind of put the two of them together along with some supplies I already had to make her. Yes, it is a her!

Medium size faux pumpkin
Lime green spray paint
STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam balls in 8”, 4”, 3”, or 2”
Design It:® Foam Cutter or Serrated Knife
Dimensional Fabric Paints; red, bright purple, orange, bright green and black
Crystal Clear Plastic Wrap
Heat Gun or Hair Dryer with Hot Setting
Low-temp Glue Gun
Feather boa
Red felt

Instructions for eyes courtesy
1.    To create the double eyes use the Foam Cutter or serrated knife to cut the eggs in half lengthwise. Lay them on the table side by side with cut sides down. Glue them together in unique ways to create fun looks with low-temp glue. Tilt the narrow ends of the eggs in and the wide ends apart to create “worried” eyes or cut the narrow end of the eggs off to create eyes peeking over something. Tip: Use the Foam Cutter to make a small flat spot where the two sides meet; this creates a larger surface for gluing the two pieces together, making a stronger bond. Toothpicks can also be inserted in between the pieces for added support.
2.    Insert a toothpick into each ball of STYROFOAM* to use as a handle as you paint. Paint circles for the colored iris on each of the balls or eggs as large or as small as you desire. Let dry. Paint black circles in the center of the iris for pupils. Use black fabric paint to outline the pupils and the irises. Use red fabric paint to draw the red blood vessels. Let dry.
3.    Cut squares of plastic wrap big enough to cover the eyeballs and a little extra to overlap slightly. Wrap each eyeball pulling it snug as you go to smooth creases. When wrapping the egg-shaped eyes, wrap each half egg separately. Use the heat gun or hair dryer (on hottest setting) to “shrink” the plastic wrap to the eyeballs giving them a glossy look.
1.    Paint pumpkin green.
2.    Adorn the top with a boa.
3.    Attach eyes.
4.    Roll felt into two long rows. Shape like lips as you glue to pumpkin.

lucky lady pumpkin Terri OMetal Head Pumpkin
Level: Super Easy
Designed by: Terri O

This is so easy to make and your kids will think you are a rockin’ cool mom!

Black or metallic faux pumpkin or paint one black or metallic
Peel and stick studs and embellishments
Beads in a bottle by

1.    Clean the surface of your pumpkin.
2.    Attach the peel and stick studs and /or use the silver beads in a bottle. Let dry.
spike the pumpkin Terri O“Spike” the Pumpkin Head
Level: Advanced
Designed by: Terri O

Spike was a vision of mine for a long time. I just hated doing all the work on Spike knowing that it would only last a day or two. But with the invention of fake pumpkins, Spike became a reality.

Faux pumpkin
Dremel tool
Finish nails size #6 & #8

1.    Find a pattern for a pumpkin face you like. I found one on the internet for free.
2.    Trace or draw your pattern on the pumpkin
3.    Using a dremel tool with a 1/8th drill bit carve out your pattern. Be careful to not go thru the pumpkin.
4.    Some fake pumpkins have holes already cut out at the bottom. If yours doesn’t, cut a hole big enough for your hand to fit thru.
5.    Push the nails thru the top of the pumpkin to represent hair.
6.    Use a flashlight inside the pumpkin to show off your design.
7.    ***CAUTION*** These pumpkins are NOT designed to use a real candle or flame!!!!

pink pumpkin Terri OClaudia’s Think Pink Pumpkin
Level: Easy
Designed by: Terri O

Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month I decided to dedicate a pumpkin to the cause. I lost someone very near and dear to me several years ago to the disease. Her name was Claudia Ouellette and she was my best friend and biggest fan. I miss her and when I see this pumpkin it makes me smile and think of her.

Medium faux pumpkin (I used the Funkin brand)
Pink spray paint
Black Feather wreath
1 4pc Black Damask Vinyl Wall Accents (made by DCWV-Home sku #GC-515-00064)
Blue Moon heart shaped metal connectors (sku #10212935 5 pc string)
Blue Moon Gloss Seed Bead strands I black (sku #66425 25111, 8 strands)
Blue Moon gloss black 40” metal chain (sku#66435 19338)
Glue gun or glue dots

1.    Paint your pumpkin pink and let dry.
2.    Place all 4 vinyl accents around pumpkin. If you are using a larger pumpkin you will need to packs.
3.    Attach heart chain vertically between each accent.
4.    Drape the chain from the top to each heart.
5.    Lay the glass beads on the top. I did not attach mine because I can use them again for something else.
6.    Set pumpkin inside the feather wreath.

See how to make these unique Jack O’ Lanterns!