Simple Dish Cloth Gift – Britches

terri o dish cloth giftsThese are so cute and a quick gift to make for a hostess.

You will need yarn or ribbon, a needle with an eye big enough for yarn (darning needle), two large dish cloths, scissors, and a tag for these super simple britches.
1. Thread the needle.
2. Fold one dish cloth in half. Sew a seam close to the edge half way. terri o dish cloth britches
3. Repeat with second dish cloth.
4. Now with one dish cloth facing left and the other facing right, sew the open parts together to form the pants.
5. At the “waist”, weave your needle in and out with colored yarn gather to make it ruffle before you tie the bow.
6. Do the same for each “pant leg.britches-3

7. Attach poem:
Now don’t get excited,
and don’t be misled,
These are not for you,
but your dishes instead.
Untie the bows.
Pull out the stitched.
You have gained two dish cloths,
but lost your britches!