Super Simple Ribbon Rose to Sew

Need a quick embellishment for a hat, a blouse, a box even a strand of pearls?

Ribbon roses are Super Simple and easy to make in a few minutes.

Grab your ribbon, a needle, thread and scissors. Have fun!

Terri O Ribbon Rose

We Awaken Dreamers…

Making crafts is all about bringing beauty into the world and

getting carried away in pursuit of our dreams.

Super Simple with Terri O



SLK Industrial Chic We pendant

SLK Industrial Chic Crystal Dream Heart (The other heart pictured said “miracle”. As I was designing the piece, I decided mirror was a better fit.)

SLK industrial Chic Green Cord and Pink Ribbon

A piece of blue ribbon


Silk flowers

Craft frame

Paper birds cut out of paper and coated with ICE Resin®

Pink and Green Glitter

Luminart Shimmering Mists

Mirror (I chose a 10x magnification mirror so you have to step into the dream to put on your lipstick!)

A tiny nail

Craft Glue

Tools: Scissors & a Hammer

Time: about 30 minutes

Super Simple with Terri O

Step 1: I sprayed the frame with 3 different colors of Shimmering Mist.

Step 2: The frame was backless so I trace the heart on a heavy sheet of plastic and attached the ribbon and mirror with glue.

SUper simple with terri oStep 3: I made a simple bow with the 2 colors of ribbon and the cord and glued it in place.

Step 4: I decided where I wanted my design elements and hammered in the nail, and then glued a rhinestone on top.

super simple with terri oStep 5: I added the glitter, flowers, rhinestones and birds.

super simple with terri oStep 6: I hung the WE pendant to the corner of the frame with a length of green cord.

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