Paper Belt Buckle


Once you have the findings all you need is some pretty paper and old jewelry parts to make this amazing belt buckle. Your friends won’t believe you made it yourself!

Marble Cheese Tray

Elegant, simple and useful!

This super simple project is not only easy to make but functional!  Makes a great gift idea too!  Click HERE to see how my husband Ray and I built this from scratch!

Wine Bottle Wrap

Giving a bottle of wine is easy. Personalizing it is special. Show someone you care about a little extra love with this one-of-a-kind wine bottle wrap. Click on the bottle to watch how I made this.

Old Jeans Re-purposed

Before you throw out those used up and torn jeans, see what Terri O can do with them. You will be inspired.  Watch HERE.  Or, see directions below:

Here are a few tips:

  • Keep certain parts intact. For example the fly, pockets, labels and tags, belt loops and any embellishments.
  • Cut out areas bigger than you think you might need them.
  • To stiffen fabrics use a fabric stiffener. You will find it at the craft store. There are a few brands.
  • If you need to shape the fabric around something adhere it to the item first then brush with fabric stiffener.
  • Here are a few things I made with old jeans: a lamp shade, notebook cover and picture frame.

Have fun and get creative! Send me pictures of your recycled jeans projects.

Jeweled Mittens

Here is a super simple way to jazz up your mittens with some bling.  Watch how I do this HERE!

Party Caddy

My assistant Lisa made this as a result of a video I did last summer.  The inspiration was there, but she created her own version.  It’s so simple.  You can use this for any occasion or make some for friends and fill them with wine or whatever goodies you come up with.

1.  Using a 6-pack wine caddy, spray paint with any color you desire.  Paint while flat, then open it up and spray the inside covering as much of the cardboard as possible.  Let dry.

2.  Add embellishments, paint pictures or add ribbons and create a theme of your choice.

3.  Fill with appropriate items for your party or gift.

Ribbon Organizer

Ribbon Organizer and Space Saver!

I found this project to be the best way to keep all my ribbon spools organized. All you need is a dowel, a sturdy shoe box and a sharp knife. If your box is big enough you can make two rows like I did. Cut a slit to hold the ribbon in place. That way it’s right where you need it when you need it.