Jam Jar Luminaries aka Faeries in a Jar

Super Simple Crafts

I’ve seen pictures of these jars pop up in Facebook and Pinterest from time to time and decided to make them myself. Definitely a craft project for adults, but it is simple and only takes 20 minutes or so.

These jam jar luminaries add a delightfully cool glow to a dark evening on the deck or campsite.

You will need:

Empty, clean, jam jars

Glow sticks – necklaced sized, usually come 3 or 4 to a package for a $1



Rubber gloves

Plastic grocery bags (work surface)

Craft scissors

Safety glasses

Super Simple Crafts

I did this project outdoors. Lay plastic grocery bag(s) on your work surface.

Put on your rubber gloves and saftey glasses.

Open your jars and set lids aside.

Crack glow sticks all along length.

Fold in half and hold onto tops while putting v-shape end in jar.

Carefully use your scissors to cut at fold while keeping v-end of glow stick in the jar.

Fluid and small glass particles (from the inner tube of glowing fluid) will flow out into jar.

Repeat with one or two more glow sticks.

Add glitter and/or tulle. (I used fine glitter, I think bigger glitter would yield a different sparkle.)

Screw jar lid on tightly.

Wrap up your work surface and dispose of it.

Enjoy the glow!

Tips: If you are impatient with the flow of liquid, you can carefully use your scissors to not quite cut through the top of the plastic tube.

When you retire for the evening, if you put the luminaries in the fridge overnight, you may get another evening’s use out of them.

I think these luminaries would also be pretty with twine tied securely aroung the throat of the bottle and hung up.

The blue jar has white glow sitck fluid with blue and gold glitter added.

The yellow/green jar has yellow glow stick fluid and a piece of tulle added.

The red jar has red glowstick fluid and red glitter added.

‘Tweet Lil’ Wooden Bird with Scrapbook Paper and Thread Spools

Super Simple Terri OI saw a folk art bird like this one for sale in a shabby chic shop. The tag was $12! Eek!

I am going to show you how super simple it is to lovingly craft one bird for a tenth of that. For $12 you could recreate a flock of these sweet tweeters!

You might have to spend all of a $1 for the wooden bird, but the rest of the tools and craft supplies you probably already have to hand.  The whole project takes about 30 minutes to do. Honestly, I spent the most time picking out buttons and the paper I wanted to use.

You’ll need, buttons, spools of thread, a length of ribbon or cord ,a bamboo skewer, a wooden bird, glue, 2 contrasting yet complimentary scrapbook papers, plus a pencil and scissors.

Terri O CraftFor the base, I used 3 little spools of thread I had as part of a sewing kit and tied them together.

Use Aileen’s or E6000 to glue the buttons on top of the spools.

Insert skewer.

Next I traced the bird and the wings onto scrapbook paper and cut them out

Tip: If you take a piece of white scrap paper and press it down on around the edges of the elevated bird’s wing, you will get enough of an impression to cut out a wing template.

I glued the paper and the button eyes down with regular Elmer’s glue.

Terri O DIY crafts

I managed to buy the last bird in the store. But this project would be cute if the bird had a couple of tweet friends. Just as you might display 3 candles at separate heights as a centerpiece, you could have 3 birds at different heights – simply shorten 2 of the skewers.

Alternately I could have painted the bird.

Terri O

Add Bling and Sass to Summer Sandals and Swimsuits

Want to make plain flip flops get ohhs and ahhs?craft sandals terri o

If you would rather not pay $20 or $30 or more  for designer sandals or flip flops, here is my super simple way to add beads and bling!

The great thing is, it costs just pennies and a few minutes of your time to craft. Update your summer swimsuit and sandals with some beads and bling. I used last years shoes and an inexpensive pair I bought for a dollar.

Adding spice to a swim suit is just as simple!


2 pair of plain sandals or flip flops

assorted beads (or buttons or a combination of the two)


hot fix tool

flexible glue



wire cutters
Beaded Bling Sandals:

1.  First lay out your beads in the order you want them to be placed on your shoe. String it with beads. You will need about 3 times the length of the strap for the wire.

2.  Attach the wire by pushing it thru the spot where it is attached to the bottom of the shoe. Wrap it around the rubber knob that secures the strap to the shoe. Simply wrap the wire around the shoe strap and place a bead on top each time your wrap it.

3.  Once your reach the end, secure it into the bottom of the little knob that secures the strap. If your shoes break our wear out, because they are pretty cheap, simply cut the wire and remove the beads.

Rhinestones Sandals:

1. I used a hot fix tool to adhere the beads. For the larger beads make sure you use FLEXIBLE glue.

update swim suit terri oUpdated Swim Suits:

1. I just added a few beads on a head pin to give an old suit some new life.


If you’d like to see how, click here!


Patricia from New York won my DVDs this week.

You could be next if you leave a comment that you have contacted your local station.

One winner chosen each Friday, announced on Saturday.

A Gift for Your Table or Another’s

Need a fast hostess gift? Does your child want to make a present for their teacher? Just want something new on your dinner table tonight?

Terri O

“Vintage Snowman” Crafted by Carol for Terri O

This craft project upcycles two items, a wine bottle (washed) and jewelry (some you have and never seem to wear or perhaps some great thrift store finds). You can use it as a candle holder for a dripless candle or a a vase for a single flower.

Terri O

“Smiles” Crafted by Carol for Terri O


Pretty paper – I used scrapbook paper

Embellishments – ribbons, jewelry, paper flowers

Recycled wine bottle


Strong craft glue or Glue Gun with glue sticks

Scissors or paper cutter

Terri O

“Merry & Bright” Crafted by Carol for Terri O


1. Set wine bottle on a flat surface and place paper around it. Not all bottles are blown equally, your paper will probably overlap on small bottles and it might have a small gab with larger ones. Decide where you want to cut or tear the paper and do so.

2. If you are adding a  brooch, go ahead and carefully pin it to the paper and tape across the pinback on the back side of the paper for extra security.

3. Glue on paper.

4. Tear or cut paper for the throat of the bottle and glue on.

5. Embellish with ribbon.

Project time is about 10 minutes per bottle once you have chosen your paper and embellishments.

Halloween Ghostly Centerpiece

Super Simple with Terri O

This Halloween craft project will take back to kindergarten. You remember dipping fabric into watery glue and making people don’t you? Well you have come full circle with this one. It is so simple yet so very, very clever. Make them big or small or both! Level: way easy


Cheese cloth


Fabric stiffener ( I used Stiffy by Plaid)

Small container

Splat mat (I highly recommend you get one of these! They are great for many reasons )

Black felt for eyes and mouth

Small terra cotta pot

Styrofoam (1 to fit snuggly inside the pot and 1 large for the head and 2 small for the arms.)

Wood dowels

Plastic wrap

Super Simple with Terri O


  1. Make a form for your ghost. This is how I made mine but you can come up with your own idea too. Insert the large Styrofoam ball into the pot. Insert the dowel into the Styrofoam and add the head to the top.
  2. Insert dowels into the Styrofoam for the arms. Wrap plastic wrap around the Styrofoam so that the cheesecloth won’t stick.
  3. Cut a piece of cheesecloth making sure it is big enough to drape over the form.
  4. Set the pot on the mat in a place where you can leave it over night.
  5. Saturate the cloth with Stiffy and drape over your form. Mold it and shape it the way you like it. Let dry.
  6. Once dry, pull out the form and cut round eyes and a mouth. Glue it to your ghost.

Create a memento of one of your favorite events or a collection of memories

We spend hours preserving photos of enjoyable events.

Why not do the same with other items that mean something special to us? This project is a great way to showcase special mementos from an important event in your life, or make a unique gift.

I designed the shadow box (below, left) for my BFF Steve.

terri o

You can also create shadow boxes from paper and embellishments, vacation mementos, found objects, or collections of your treasures. It’s super simple!

You will need:

·    Framed shadow box

·    Craft glue or glue dots

·    The items you want to include

·    Paper or fabric for the background


  1. Take apart your shadow box frame and cut out your paper for the background. Glue the paper to the inside background.
  2. Lay out your design on the paper or fabric before you glue anything down.
  3. Once you are happy with your layout, paying attention to the layers you want, glue the items you have chosen down.
  4. Stand you project upright to make sure everything is secure.
  5. If you want, write in the corner or on the back of the box if appropriate , the date or event your shadow box commemorates.
  6. Reassemble your frame and enjoy!

Tip: I added a family picture to one of my shadowboxes. To this day it remains one of my favorite keepsakes.


Thank a Soldier

Thank a Soldier

For our heroes!

Say “Thank You” to all of the men and women who are serving our country. Take a moment to make them something special. Decorate a cigar box and fill it with goodies. All of the resources are there to make it easy for you to say “Thanks”.

Watch how I did this by CLICKING HERE!

Water Bottle Jewelry

Level: Super Simple

Designed by: Heidi B www.cool2craft.com

This is another very clever idea by one of my all time favorite designers Heidi B. I have watched her for years and have learned how to look at trash a completely different way. You will be amazed at all the things you can do with plastic water bottles. This is just the beginning! Thanks Heidi!


Plastic water bottle
Different colors of felt


  1. Cut out a bracelet from the bottom of an empty water bottle.
  2. Cut small squares of felt to cover the plastic and glue to the bracelet.
  3. Make flowers by cutting a small strip of felt and rolling it into a circle. Put a dab of glue as you start and when you get to the end. Let dry.
  4. Glue your flowers to the bracelet.
  5. No one will ever know it’s a water bottle bracelet



Traveling Tic Tac Toe

Level: Super Simple

Designed by: Heidi B  www.cool2craft.com

Heidi is one of my favorite designers. I love her because she figures out how to turn most trash into something new, fun and useful again. You can check out some of her other projects on her website Cool2craft.com   Although I love her original idea, I took her basic idea and modified it slightly. You might even come up with your own design and ideas. If so please share!


Empty cereal box or any colorful cardboard box about the size of a cereal box
2 colors of buttons, 5 of each color
Peel and stick magnetic circles or strips (www.hygloss.com)


  1. Cut a square from the box approximately 6 ½ x 6 ½  inches wide. Cut 9, 2×2 inch wide squares.
  2. Use back side of large cardboard cutout and glue 2×2 squares 3 across and 3 down, bright colorful side up.
  3. Place a magnet in the center of each 2×2 square.
  4. Glue a metal washer to the back of each button. I used two colors to represent x’s & o’s.
  5. Once the glue dries you are ready to play!




Bulletin Board Cork Tiles

A few squares of cork tile can go a long way.  See how to turn some of them into functional room décor.