Where to put blush

Know just where to give yourself that little glow.  Tips and tricks to have the perfect makeup:

Perfect Blush Tips:
Color – Select a blush based on the color your skin turns when you pinch it.
Location is key. Smile see the apple of your cheeks using your blush brush apply in circular motion to rounded cheeks then blend up and outward to temples.
Remember when it comes to blush, less is more!
Compliments of Gloria Bañuelos
Gloria is a make up artist in Scottsdale.  To learn more from her you can reach her at:
Gloria Bañuelos
Cos Bar
15044 N. Scottsdale Rd #140
Scottsdale, AZ 85254
Tel: (480) 607-2771
Fax: (480) 367-6748

White Eye Pencil

White Eye Pencil tips:

I find that more is less when it comes to using a white pencil. For me I just like to add it to the inside corners of my eyes. I also found that there are different shades of white. Regardless every time I use the white pencil, which is not every day, I always get some sort of remark like “What did you?  You look refreshed.” or “I’m not sure why but your eyes look pretty today”.  So why don’t I use it every day? Well sometimes I just forget but mainly I just like to mix things up. You find what works for you and run with it. By the way check out the article below for some great tips on using and buying white pencils.