Grill it!

I live in Arizona where hot pads can be required in the heat of summer for the steering wheel.

One of the benefits of grilling outside is it does not heat up the kitchen.

As, I have said before, cooking is not my specialty. Fortunately there are great chefs in the world who share their knowledge.

I do know that before your BBQ you should first prep you grill.

Crank it to high

Use a wire brush to clean

In this Serious Eats article Chef Emeril Legasse shared how he rotates the meat like a clock.

Do you love boneless skinless chicken breasts but have had trouble with the chicken coming out too dry on the grill? Try this! It pairs wonderfully with fresh sliced pineapple grilled. Amazingly yummy! Peaches are great too!

Taste of Home does a fabulous job of sharing the recipes of real cooks around the county. When the fisherman in your family brings home tilapia, salmon, mahi mahi, halibut, catfish, snapper or tuna, these recipes will surely get your moth watering!

Don’t forget to leave room on your grill for veggies. Marinade first is the rule of thumb. You can even grill lettuce. Caesar Salad anyone? 

BBQ with charcoal or an electric grill?

Electric is easier but nothing beats the taste of charcoal. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it!

And, for the serious BBQ geek, check out this oh so serious apron (the picture belongs to Think Geek):


I can so picture some of the firemen I know who are part of a craft brew club equipped with this hold-everything, “tactical bbq” apron at their annual beer and rib contest.

What are your favorite BBQ recipes?