Make Dremmeled Tiles for Stepping Stones or Display

dremel tile decorWant to decorate your own tiles to add character to a room? This project takes just a couple of hours.

Materials Needed:

Terra cota tile
Dremmel tool (Make sure the bit can be used with glass and stone.)
Polyblend tile grout (North Sea Green) and disposable tub
Carbon tracing paper
Floor shine and hardener
Safety glasses
Bucket of water

Step 1:

Put one coat of sealer on tile. Let dry. Use carbon paper and trace pattern onto tile with pencil.

Step 2:

Safety tip: Put on glasses for this next step! Follow outline of pattern with dremmel tool.

Step 3:

Use sponge and wipe excess dust off tile. Now you’re ready to grout.

Step 4:

This next step is a great one for the kids! Mix grout according to instructions. Spread across tile, filling in dremmeled pattern. Wipe off excess with clean sponge. You may need to make several passes before tile comes clean.

Step 5:

Let grout dry at least 1 hour. Seal again.

Helpful Hints:

These tiles are great as stepping stones or for displaying. DO NOT eat off of them — they contain lead.

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