Quick Stress Reducer

Downward Facing Dog

Release stress and tension with this super simple yoga pose!

Here’s a 10 minute exercise you can do to reduce stress and rejuvenate your spirit.
Start on your hands and knees with hands shoulder width apart and knees hips width apart.
Spread your fingers wide. With arms remaining strong, tuck your toes and lift your knees off the ground, hips in the air. Straighten the legs and lower your heels toward the floor. Hold for three to five breaths; lower back to knees and repeat pose three to five times.


If you have super tight hamstrings, bend your knees, keep your hips lifted high and move your chest toward the thighs.

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  • Anonymous

    It is a nice exercise for reduce stress and rejuvenate our spirit. There is no any doubt that its a asana of yoga exercise. Its easy and really effective exercise. 


  • This is the nice tips shared here about to reduce the stress. I like the way of presentation. It is really superb and outstanding. I like it very much.

  • We know that daily 10-15 minute stress really reduce your stress. You also keep yourself healthy and fit with the help of exercise. Its boost new energy in you.