Simply Beautiful Faux Raku Vase to Make

Terri Ouelette simple raku vase

Isn’t this stunning? I made these vases and so can you!

My hats are off to potters who mold clay and hand-fire in raku style, but I do love the simplicity of this technique to get a similar effect with the copper and eggplant hues.

Are you ready?

Good, let’s get started!

Materials Needed:

Block of black Premo clay (made by Sculpey)
Wax or cardboard paper
Various shades of Pearl Ex
Hand-crank pasta maker (DO NOT use machine to make pasta after working with Sculpey clay!)
Glass vase
Plastic knife
Fine-grit sandpaper

Step 1:

Slice a thin piece of Sculpey clay and feed through pasta machine. This should give you a nice, flat piece of clay to work with.

Step 2:

Pour out a small amount of Pearl Ex powder onto working space. Use your fingers and spread one color (or several) at a time over your black clay. The more colors you use, the prettier your piece will be! Overlap colors — get creative!

Step 3:

Once your clay is pretty well coated, you can start ripping small sections off and place them onto your vase. Leave jagged edges; overlap your clay — whatever helps give it texture. Repeat until vase is completely covered. (You may also want to cover the inside lip of the vase as well.)

Step 4:

For additional texture, use a piece of fine-grit sandpaper and go around your vase, gently pressing your clay down.

Step 5:

Place vase on a cookie sheet and bake according to directions.


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  • Grammy85

    How thin should the clay be? I don’t own a pasta machine, and can’t justify the cost for a vase.