Redneck Candle Holder for Christmas

How did crafts made with Mason Jars come to be “redneck”? When I go the the Farmer’s Market and buy apple sauce or jam or pickles and they are in a canning jar, I just think of how tasty the contents will be.

This candle holder builds on the redneck wine glass idea. You can make it pretty simply by yourself, but I admit there was a point where I could have used an extra finger as I knotted the lace and ribbon.



Hot Glue Gun



Canning Jar (Dollar Store)

Glass Candle Stand (Dollar Store)

Pearls ( upcycled jewelry)


Prima Flowers

White Mesh Lace

Red Satin Ribbon

Seagreen Organza Ribbon



  1. Tie mesh lace around jar.
  2. Tuck red and seagreen ribbon under mesh lace knot.
  3. Tie Prima Flowers with ribbon.
  4. Use hot glue gun to affix pearls and red beads to jar amidst flowers, and pearls to base of candle holder.
  5. Place a few beads into candle holder base.
  6. Trace glue around top edge of candle base and place decorated jar on top. Let dry.
  7. Add tealight.
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