Painted Patio Umbrella

Decorating an umbrella is a super simple project to craft alone, but why not share the time with a friend outdoors while the kids are playing? Just a couple of hours later and you’ll be ready to sit under this umbrella and toast your creativity!

Materials Needed:super simple with terri o

Canvas market umbrella
Painters tape
2 3-inch rollers
Paint pan (small)
Fabric paint (acrylic, 2 oz.) 3 bottles orange, 3 fuschia, 1 silver
Dragonfly rubber stamp
Small paint brush

Step 1:

Remove canvas umbrella from stand. Spread umbrella over a table or flat surface.

Step 2:

Decide where you want your dragonflies placed and begin stamping, using the silver fabric paint. (We placed ours throughout the middle of the umbrella.) Place them at different angles so they don’t “fly” in the same direction.

Step 3:

Use painters tape and tape off a 2-1/2-inch stripe up from the edge or border of umbrella. Use roller and coat stripe with orange fabric paint. While still wet, remove tape and gently place along very top of freshly painted stripe. Let first coat dry. The second color (fuschia) goes above the first stripe. Tip: You’ll want to slightly water down your paint before you roll it, but if it’s too watery, the paint will quickly absorb to the underside of umbrella. Some of you might actually like this look better! Test mixture first.

Step 4:

While your umbrella is drying, you can start painting your maize rug. Set your cardboard template over one rug square at a time. Anchor down. Spray square with a coating of orange paint. Move template to the next square and spray with the silver paint. Alternate until all squares are covered. Let dry. Tip: If you get too much paint in one square, lightly rub with sandpaper.

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