Lucky Shamrock T-shirt

Super simple green clothes to celebrate your Irish heritage…doesn’t matter if you have a little or a lot (or maybe you are borrowing for a day).

I’m sure you will find this t-shirt is easy to make and I hope  the techniques shared I’m sharing will surely send you on a journey to discover how you can embellish fabric with paint and bling!

Supplies and Tools:


Acrylic paint

Sponges for stamps

Paper plate


Heat tool and hot fix beads if you like.

  1. If needed, pre-wash your t-shirt. Make sure you do not use fabric softener.
  2. Place a piece of cardboard in between your t-shirt otherwise the paint will seep thru.
  3. Draw a heart shape on the flat sponge and cut it out. I used two different shapes. You can also cut out a stem.
  4. Add water to the sponges to expand them and pat dry as much as possible.
  5. Use the paper plate as a palette and dip your sponges in the paint and press. Make sure to wear gloves and be careful to not place your fingers on the shirt.
  6. Let dry before you add any crystals.

If you would like to see how it’s done, CLICK HERE.

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