LOVE Squared Topiary

Super Simple Valentine CraftTerri O Tips:
Keep in mind the size of Styrofoam square you buy should be proportionate to your vase. That’s why I never give sizes because it depends on your vase. Also note that I am using tacky glue. A hot glue gun will melt the Styrofoam unless you have a high/low temp gun. The low temp may be okay. Test it first.

Craft Supplies Needed
· Vase
· Styrofoam ball that will fit snugly inside of vase
· Tacky glue
· Silk flowers (enough to cover all four sides)
· Styrofoam square.
· Chipboard letters
· Ribbon
· Glue gun
· Wire cutters (may be needed if you can pull the silk flowers off of stem)
· Moss
· Dowel

Project Instructions
1. Remove all silk flowers from the stems. Glue them on each side of the square using tacky glue. Let dry.
2. Insert round Styrofoam ball inside of vase. Make sure it fits very tight. You should have to push really hard to make it fit.
3. Cut dowel to the height you desire your topiary to be. Wrap the dowel with ribbon to cover the wood. Use a hot glue gun for a quick dry.
4. Attach chipboard letters to each side of the square. Lay them out to make sure they fit then use your hot glue gun to secure. TIP: You may have to glue down some of the flower petals first.
5. Insert dowel into bottom of square. Insert dowel into the Styrofoam ball inside your vase. Once it’s straight add a bit of glue to keep it secure. Cover the ball with moss. Secure with glue if you need to.
6. Tie ribbon bows on the dowel.

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