Love Bug Magnets

kids crafts terri oSupplies:

3 to 4 inches craft foam, red, white or pink

1 1/4-inch pompom, red, white or pink

1 1-inch pompom, red, white or pink

1 1-1/2-inch pompom, red, white or pink

3 12-inch, 4-mm pipe cleaners, red, white, pink or purple (for legs)

1 6-inch, 4-mm pipe cleaner, red, white, pink or purple (for antennae)

10 10-by-12-mm heart-shaped pony beads, red, white or pink

1 pair 10-mm wiggle eyes



1-1/2 inches of 1/2-inch adhesive-backed magnetic strip


kids crafts terri o

Completion Time: 15 minutes


  1. Cut a figure 8 out of craft foam, making top circle a little smaller than bottom (This will be love bug’s head and body).
  2. Cut 12-inch pipe cleaners in half. Twist around pencil to curl “legs.” Glue 3 on each side of “body” circle.
  3. Cut 6-inch pipe cleaner in half for antennae. Glue on head.
  4. Put 1 heart-shaped bead on each antennae and leg. Turn back ends of pipe cleaners so jagged edges aren’t sticking out.
  5. Glue 1-1/2-inch pompom on body base and 1-inch pompom on head base. Glue two heart beads vertically in center of 1-1/2-inch pompom.
  6. To make nose, glue 1/4-inch pompom on 1-inch pompom. Glue on eyes.
  7. Cut magnetic strip into 1-inch and 1/2-inch pieces. Glue to back of love bug.
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