Jam Jar Luminaries aka Faeries in a Jar

Super Simple Crafts

I’ve seen pictures of these jars pop up in Facebook and Pinterest from time to time and decided to make them myself. Definitely a craft project for adults, but it is simple and only takes 20 minutes or so.

These jam jar luminaries add a delightfully cool glow to a dark evening on the deck or campsite.

You will need:

Empty, clean, jam jars

Glow sticks – necklaced sized, usually come 3 or 4 to a package for a $1



Rubber gloves

Plastic grocery bags (work surface)

Craft scissors

Safety glasses

Super Simple Crafts

I did this project outdoors. Lay plastic grocery bag(s) on your work surface.

Put on your rubber gloves and saftey glasses.

Open your jars and set lids aside.

Crack glow sticks all along length.

Fold in half and hold onto tops while putting v-shape end in jar.

Carefully use your scissors to cut at fold while keeping v-end of glow stick in the jar.

Fluid and small glass particles (from the inner tube of glowing fluid) will flow out into jar.

Repeat with one or two more glow sticks.

Add glitter and/or tulle. (I used fine glitter, I think bigger glitter would yield a different sparkle.)

Screw jar lid on tightly.

Wrap up your work surface and dispose of it.

Enjoy the glow!

Tips: If you are impatient with the flow of liquid, you can carefully use your scissors to not quite cut through the top of the plastic tube.

When you retire for the evening, if you put the luminaries in the fridge overnight, you may get another evening’s use out of them.

I think these luminaries would also be pretty with twine tied securely aroung the throat of the bottle and hung up.

The blue jar has white glow sitck fluid with blue and gold glitter added.

The yellow/green jar has yellow glow stick fluid and a piece of tulle added.

The red jar has red glowstick fluid and red glitter added.

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