Handprint Tablecloth

This is a 30 minute project you can do with children.

You can make make shapes with the handprints or even place them in a pattern!

Make in the morning on a warm day super simple handprint table clothand you’ll be ready to set the table for dinner.

Materials Needed:

Tablecloth (Cotton blend works best.)
Plastic to put underneath tablecloth
Acrylic paint(s) — colors of your choice
Textile medium
Thin paintbrush (optional)

Step 1:

Iron tablecloth. Lay plastic underneath cloth to prevent paint from soaking through.

Step 2:

Mix paint and medium in bowl, following directions on textile medium bottle.

Step 3:

Use sponge to paint palm of hand. Spread fingers and press hand down firmly on tablecloth. Repeat with as many hands as you want.

Step 4:

If you want to, you can paint an edge around the hands using a small paintbrush.

Helpful Hints:

Make sure the paint is completely dry before storing or washing. If handprint is light, may want to paint over using a paintbrush.

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