Flowery headbands you can make


hair clips
glue gun or E-6000
silk or paper flowers
beads or jewelry parts
jewelry pendants
acrylic paint
shoe laces

Instructions for shoe laces:
I used the end of a brush to make the dots. Just remember the dark laces are a bit more difficult. The paint absorbs right into it, so you may have to do it twice.

Instructions for hair clips & headbands:
I bought mine at the dollar store. I covered the headbands with ribbon and added flowers. For the hairclips, I added felt to help support the end of the clip where I want to add flowers or beads.

Instructions for the bracelet:
I bought my bracelets and various craft stores and the dollar store. I just glued small random embellishments to the bracelets. For the snap bracelet, thankfully the center of the bracelet when it is laid out flat is the perfect spot to glue.

Instructions necklace:
Fill your pendent with your favorite things. I used pretty paper as the background then added all kinds of little items that mean something to me. Once you have everything where you want it, fill the pendent with clear acrylic glaze. My favorite one is Diamond Glaze from Judikins.

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