Flower Petal Vanity Lights

super simple flower bulb

Materials Needed:

Aluminum roll flashing
Acrylic paint
Cutting board
Utility knife
Metal primer (Rust Oleum)
High-heat enamel spray paint
Flower petal pattern (you trace)
* 3 or 5 bulb vanity light bar

Step 1:

Use your petal pattern and trace design over flashing material.  Use scissors to cut out pattern, and utility knife to cut hole in center of flower. You may need to cut the hole larger, depending on the size of your bulb fixtures.

Step 2:

Paint flower flashing cutouts using primer and paints. We used yellows, whites and oranges for our bathroom. Follow directions on bottle and cans. Let dry.

Step 3:

You’re ready to install your petals. SAFETY TIP: Turn off light before installing. To be extra safe (and considering you can still see) shut off your circuit breakers. Make certain there is a metal or plastic barrier ring between your petal design and your light socket. DO NOT LET FLASHING TOUCH ELECTRIC PORTION OF THE FIXTURE, OR THE LIGHT BULB DIRECTLY.

Helpful Hints:

Materials available at craft and home improvement stores.

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