DIY Styrofoam Stamps for Children to Craft

·    Clean styrofoam meat trays-preferably white, its easier to see the design
·    pencil
·    design idea in mind
·    scissors
·    acrylic paint
·    cards to stamp on
·    sponge brush
·    paper plate for paint
1. Look at the bottom of the styrofoam and cut out a piece that is smooth. You may want to cut 2 so you can glue them together. It makes the stamp thicker and easier to hold.
2. On the smooth side draw into the styrofoam with a pencil. Remember if you are writing a name you will have to write it backwards!
3. With your sponge brush cover your stamp with your paint. Less is more!
4. Stamp your design onto some plain paper to make sure you like it. If you do add more paint and stamp your card.
5. You may need to add paint to each stamp.
6. Let dry and give to someone you love.
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