Work Out Your Behind

Keep your rear end high and tight with these super simple exercises. No gym necessary.

Tone Your Buns

1. Hip Extension: From the floor (and on your back)  plant your feet firmly in the ground.  Raise your hips up and down squeezing the butt muscles at the top of the movement. Repeat 15 times.

2. Standing Hip Extension: Stand up as  straight as possible then take your straight leg and lift it behind you in a slow controlled manner squeezing your muscles all the way up and back down. Repeat 15 times on each leg.

3. Mule Kicks: From  the floor in a four point stance (on your hands and knees)  Bring your bent leg up toward the sky and down in a  controlled fashion; first do the exercise with a bent knee then do it with a straight leg. Repeat 15 times with each leg.

4. Squats: To make the glutes more dominant in this exercise, it’s important to really push your bottom out as you start to descend, if you’re too shallow (or don’t push your hips out) your quads take over. 3 to 15 reps should do the trick.  Again, slow and in control  squeezing at the top.
Courtesy of Clarence Ferguson.

Fix Flabby Arms

Fix Flabby Arms

Don’t let the back of your arms continue waving after you have stopped! Personal trainer Clarence Ferguson has a few super simple exercises you can do to prevent the on going wave.
Anything that extends the arm or lengthens it is a tricep exercise. With that in mind here we go!
1. Single arm extension: Grab any form of resistance bend your arm and return it too the straight position. Be sure  once you pick a position to start from, your elbow remains fixed. 15 to 20 reps each arm.

2. Double arm extension: The same as above except now you are using two arms instead of one. You can perform either of these exercises standing or seated. What determines your body position is how much weight you are using.

3. Bench dips: Place both hands on your bench or whatever your using to hold your body up , walk your legs out to your desired level of work load, remember the further your legs are away from your body the greater the resistance will become. Once your feet are set descend slowly until your arms are at 90 degrees push up and return to your starting position. Repeat 15 times

4.Close grip push ups: From your feet or from the modified position (on your knees) place your hands about thumb apart . Rotate your shoulders so your arms are parallel to your body (places more emphasis on triceps, versus the chest doing more of the work) slowly descend up and down to your desired rep range.

Do 15 to 20 reps  in sets of 3. You can make it a circut so you won’t tire as easily.

Clarence Ferguson

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