Add Bling and Sass to Summer Sandals and Swimsuits

Want to make plain flip flops get ohhs and ahhs?craft sandals terri o

If you would rather not pay $20 or $30 or more  for designer sandals or flip flops, here is my super simple way to add beads and bling!

The great thing is, it costs just pennies and a few minutes of your time to craft. Update your summer swimsuit and sandals with some beads and bling. I used last years shoes and an inexpensive pair I bought for a dollar.

Adding spice to a swim suit is just as simple!


2 pair of plain sandals or flip flops

assorted beads (or buttons or a combination of the two)


hot fix tool

flexible glue



wire cutters
Beaded Bling Sandals:

1.  First lay out your beads in the order you want them to be placed on your shoe. String it with beads. You will need about 3 times the length of the strap for the wire.

2.  Attach the wire by pushing it thru the spot where it is attached to the bottom of the shoe. Wrap it around the rubber knob that secures the strap to the shoe. Simply wrap the wire around the shoe strap and place a bead on top each time your wrap it.

3.  Once your reach the end, secure it into the bottom of the little knob that secures the strap. If your shoes break our wear out, because they are pretty cheap, simply cut the wire and remove the beads.

Rhinestones Sandals:

1. I used a hot fix tool to adhere the beads. For the larger beads make sure you use FLEXIBLE glue.

update swim suit terri oUpdated Swim Suits:

1. I just added a few beads on a head pin to give an old suit some new life.


If you’d like to see how, click here!


Patricia from New York won my DVDs this week.

You could be next if you leave a comment that you have contacted your local station.

One winner chosen each Friday, announced on Saturday.

Super Simple Ribbon Rose to Sew

Need a quick embellishment for a hat, a blouse, a box even a strand of pearls?

Ribbon roses are Super Simple and easy to make in a few minutes.

Grab your ribbon, a needle, thread and scissors. Have fun!

Terri O Ribbon Rose

Sassy Sonoran Stilettos You Can Make!

I was thrilled to be asked to be a guest artist for Second Inspired Soles: A stiletto shoe auction to benefit Artlink Phoenix. The show is back by popular demand among patrons and local artists for its second year.

Local designers, artists and celebrities have custom-decorated the stilettos.

Those of you who live in the Phoenix Metro Area are getting a sneak peek!

Terri O DIY Stilettos
For those of you who are not able to attend but want to add sass to your own stilettos, the instructions are below.

All of the stilettos will be unveiled and auctioned on April 5, 2013, during First Friday in Downtown
Phoenix at the 6th Avenue Gallery (located on the southwest corner of Sixth Avenue and
McKinley, one block south of Roosevelt. The gallery is in the basement level of the

The stilettos will remain on display throughout the month of April.

A portion of the proceeds will benefit Artlink Phoenix, a nonprofit organization dedicated to linking artists, business and the public to better understand, appreciate and promote the thriving arts community in Central Phoenix.

Sassy Sonoran Stilettos
Level: Moderate
Designed by: Terri O

Plain Black Stilettos
Red Paint (I used Master’s Touch Acrylic in red)
White 3 Dimensional Paint
Hot Fix Rhinestones
Round Sponge Dauber
Paper Plate

1. You will have to do the shoes in stages so that each step dries. First I did the zebra stripes on the
platform of each shoe and let it dry.
2. Paint the bottom red. You may need several coats of paint. Let dry in between each coat.
3. With the round sponge dabber, add the polka dots to your shoes and let dry.
4. Place two rows of hot fix rhinestone to the heel.
5. Keep in mind this was my creation. Yours may look different but that does not mean it is wrong!
Embrace your own creativity!!
6. xo

Lucky Shamrock T-shirt

Super simple green clothes to celebrate your Irish heritage…doesn’t matter if you have a little or a lot (or maybe you are borrowing for a day).

I’m sure you will find this t-shirt is easy to make and I hope  the techniques shared I’m sharing will surely send you on a journey to discover how you can embellish fabric with paint and bling!

Supplies and Tools:


Acrylic paint

Sponges for stamps

Paper plate


Heat tool and hot fix beads if you like.

  1. If needed, pre-wash your t-shirt. Make sure you do not use fabric softener.
  2. Place a piece of cardboard in between your t-shirt otherwise the paint will seep thru.
  3. Draw a heart shape on the flat sponge and cut it out. I used two different shapes. You can also cut out a stem.
  4. Add water to the sponges to expand them and pat dry as much as possible.
  5. Use the paper plate as a palette and dip your sponges in the paint and press. Make sure to wear gloves and be careful to not place your fingers on the shirt.
  6. Let dry before you add any crystals.

If you would like to see how it’s done, CLICK HERE.

Tasty Tailgate Treats and Football Fashions

I admitted on the air that I don’t know much about football, except to cheer at the exciting parts and I am an Arizona gal so:

Go Red!

Go Sun Devils!

Go Wildcats!

Go  Lumberjacks!

and, although their season is over, I hear that Arena Football Quarterback Nick Davila had an awesome season with the Arizona Rattlers, throwing 100 TD for the third consecutive year!

Way to go Rattlers!

“Those aren’t my teams,” you say.

Well now is your chance to let loose and cheer loudly for YOUR team!


super simple with terri o

C’mon, you can cheer louder than that!

 super simple with terri o


Now it is time to party with Michael Reimann, president of AZ Barbeque –he shared easy recipes for

Atomic Buffalos

Shrimp Bacon Chili = Simply yummy!

Remember: the heat is not only in the chili seeds it is mostly in the membrane!

and Tailgate Cobbler on Sonoran Living:

Need more football party food?

The Arena Sports Grill shares recipes sliders and skewers:

Look fab for Friday Night Lights:







Fashion’s Night Out 2012

Oh, bop, do do do do do do do do


Grab your BFFs and try on what’s hot and what looks hot on you! Are those boots to die for? Do those patterns make you look trendy and stylish?

Stephanie Sandoval and I learned on Sonoran Living why racy reds, stark whites and military-inspired fashions are hot.

Today, September 6 is the night to find out!

Fashion’s Night Out is a global event in its fourth year with celebrities, limited-edition fashions, entertainment and food.

If you live in the Valley of the Sun, the apparel stores, restaurants and more at The Scottsdale Quarter have festivities planned from 6 to 9 tonight.

A night of shopping with your friends just not in the works?

Here are fashions to beat the heat.

Fashions to :

And, girlfriends, we must have CHOCOLATE! Ganache that is!


Check back Sunday for a post about Football Fashions and Tasty Tailgate Party Food.

A Purse by Any Other Name… Clutch!

terri o

Super Simple Beaded Clutch

Purse, pocketbook, handbag, or clutch, it is the one accessory a woman rarely goes without.

You can win a purse in horse racing, boxing, and once upon a time, each member of a crew on a ship that captured an enemy vessel was entitled to a share of the purse… aka money.

So naturally, the purse has come to be the one accessory women rarely go anywhere without.

I suspect these days they cell phone is probably a close second and if your cell phone is not in a pocket, it’s in… you guessed it… your purse!

We make a fashion statement with our purses. My assistant Carol claims her mother’s purse was “an infinite bags of holding and had everything but the bathroom sink.”

terri o

We borrowed this photo and the painting is available from:

The purse is an accessory of many names and styles. An acquaintance of mine from New York calls it a “pocketbook”. My neighbor calls it a “handbag”. When someone refers to a purse as a “clutch”we know they are going out in style.
Beaded Clutch Materials:

Item you wish to decorate
Terrifically Tacky Tape
Seed and Bugle Beads —
Optional: Charms, Beaded ribbon


  1. Cut strips of Terrifically Tacky Tape and apply to item you wish to decorate. (The clutch above was a plain purse I found for a couple of bucks on sale.).
  2. Remove top plastic layer from tape and liberally apply Beads.
  3. Repeat process as necessary.


Tip: I made the clutch above super simple, but you could easily ad beaded ribbon to dangle from the bottom and an aesthetically place charm or two.

DVD Give-Away and Card Making Blog Hop with Operation Write Home

The reason to participate in OPERATION WRITE HOME’s card making extravaganza is a win in itself. Operation Write Home is a non-profit that encourages others to make cards that our men and women serving the military overseas, often in combat zones, can send back home to their loved ones for birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, I love you and all those other reasons that people send still send cards.

I’m sweetening the pot with a drawing for a set of my Paper, Fashion and Holiday crafting videos. I’ll choose one winner at random who makes a card and comments on the blog.

The DVDs are normally $9.99 each. From now until June 9, 2012, you can order a set for $25 through my assistant, Carol La Valley.

I can’t stress this enough, be sure to check the FAQs on the OWH site about card making size and safety –no glitter!

It’s a long holiday weekend so no excuses.

Come on back to my blog  early tomorrow morning for all the details!




Simple Sunburn Save

Sunny days are here and even the careful among us can get burned while enjoying the nice weather.

You can soothe a sun burn with this one-time use facial mask you can whip up in your kitchen!

Salsa Facial Mask
1/2 small tomato
1/4 cucumber with peel, chopped
2 Tbsp. fresh parsley, chopped
1 tsp. fresh lemon juice
1 egg white (optional)

Instructions: In a food processor, combine tomato, cucumber, parsley and lemon juice; puree until smooth. If desired, stir in egg white. Apply mixture to your face; leave on 10 minutes, rinse with warm water and pat dry. Refrigerate remaining mask.

Did you know that human hair grows at a rate of about six inches per year?

Daily scalp massages (small clockwise motions with your fingertips) will help stimulate blood and accompanying nutrient flow to the hair follicles.

Jalapeño Hair Tonic
2 small or 1 large jalapeño pepper, finely chopped
1/2 cup vodka
2 Tbsp. castor oil

Instructions: Place chopped jalapeño in a ceramic bowl. Pour vodka over peppers; allow mixture to sit for several days. Strain off vodka and discard peppers. Add castor oil to vodka; pour into a clean bottle. Shake before using. Massage a small amount to scalp before going to bed. Avoid getting this in your eyes!

Fashion Onesies and Burb Cloths

It’s time again for the blog hop at Favecrafts.
Terri O
Click on the button above to check out some cool spring fashion ideas.
I have a baby shower to go to so I am making these cute, super simple onesies! I love one-of-a-kind gifts, don’t you?
Super SImple with Terri O


Level: Easy




· One package of onesies (note: they come in different sizes. I used 3-6 months)

· One package of “prefolded” 3-ply cloth diapers.

· So Soft paint from Deco Art

· Stamps

· Sponge brush

· Paint brushes

· Paper plate

· Glitter paint

· Fabric markers (optional)

· Small piece of cardboard or wax paper


  1. Pre wash the diapers and the onesies. Do not add fabric softener. If they are not flat and smooth after drying iron them to remove any wrinkles.
  2. Place cardboard or wax paper inside the onesie in case the paint seeps thru the fabric. It is pretty thin so it might.
  3. With sponge brush apply paint to stamps and stamp designs to front of onesie and along the edges of the diapers.
  4. Add any necessary detail with paint brush or glitter glue to stamped design. Let dry.
  5. Iron your finished designs with an iron on medium heat to set the paint or toss them in a hot dryer for about 10 minutes.

See how by clicking here.