DIY glam for spring training games

terri o spring training fan apparel

I looked up logos under images for my favorite teams. There are tons to choose from. I used them as templates, patterns or even inspiration. One important tip, before you decorate any new t-shirt is sure to pre-wash it. Do not add fabric softener!!

Supplies to make your shirt & hat dazzle:


Foam hat

Permanent markers

Iron on letters, numbers & paper


I show you how Super Simple it is to create right HERE on Sonoran Living!


Bling Your Jeans with a Little Crafty Investment

pre-bling jeansWho doesn’t love a little bling to your jeans? But sometimes the added jewels can cost a pretty penny.

Here’s a way to add your own to your favorite pair.

Hot Fix heating tool
Hot Fix studs or stones
Iron-On bling that comes in pre-designed in packages
Lace with bling
Coffee if you want to dye it
Fabric glue

There are several ways to bling your jeans. One way that requires little investment is to glue lace to your jeans. You can buy it in many colors.

I actually used the embellishments that they use for wedding dresses. They already have bling. What I personally did not like was how white they are. So I coffee stained mine to give them more of a vintage look.

Just soak them in dark coffee for a couple of hours. Let them dry and iron them flat. Then just glue them to your favorite jeans with fabric glue.

Iron-on bling is also very easy. All you need is an iron and follow manufactures instructions. One tip, prewash your garment without using fabric softener. Once you add your bling if possible iron the back side where the bling is to make sure they are secure.

Terri O bling jeansHot fix is the most expensive way to bling. You have to have the tool along with the rhinestones and studs. The better bling can be pricey but they are very pretty.

Also the tool itself takes a little practice but once you get the hang of it you will love the results.

Wash your garment inside out and do not put in the dryer. The heat from the dryer may dislodge the bling.

You can do it! See How!

Jewelry cleaning and repair tips!

If you have ever experienced your jewelry leaving dark marks on your skin, try painting the back or the parts that touch your skin with clear nail polish.

To fix a missing stone, find a nail polish the color of the stone and fill in the spot where the stone is missing. You can also use glitter glue — it comes in a large variety of colors.

jewelry box To create a new look, you can paint your jewelry with nail polish. There are so many colors you can match almost any outfit!

To clean costume jewelry, use a soft cloth or soft bristle brush and some dishwashing liquid. For tougher jobs, you can use a plain, basic toothpaste with a soft brush. Just be careful to not scrub too hard and be careful not to scratch any of the stones.

If you lose a jewel and you have it, be sure to use a jewelry glue to repair it. It will ensure your jewels stay put with the right adhesive. You can find it in the glue section at any craft store.

Festive T for 4th of July Celebrations

This super cute tee is festive and cool for your Independence Day celebrations.

DIY t-shirt Terri OSupplies:
water based glue
acrylic paint
spray bottles
cardboard T-shirt form or piece of cardboard covered in wax paper

Instructions: (Watch how simple it is to make on Sonoran Living.)
1. Pre wash T-shirt if necessary to remove the sizing. Do not use fabric softener.
2. Place cardboard form inside the shirt. “Paint” your shirt with the glue and let dry. Try not to let the glue be too thick.
3. Add paint to a spray bottle in a 3 to 1 ratio. 3 parts water 1 part paint.
4. Spray paint over the shirt and let dry.
5. Once dry set paint with heat. I put mine in the dryer for about 10 minutes.
6. Soak your shirt in a bucket of water until the glue breaks down. About and hour should be fine.
7. Wash your shirt in the washing machine to remove the rest of the glue.
8. Wear you shirt because you are “free” to do so!
9. You might like this project too, using bleach and water.

Boutique-style Jeans in mere minutes!

You are going to use lace a  Color Artz Air Compressor and Paint Pouches to create boutique-style jean shorts.

For tone on tone jeans use two shades of the same color!

Wearable right away because you don’t have to heat set the fabric.

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Color Scrunched T-shirt

This shirt might look like tie-dye, but it’s not! It is so fun, true to color and super simple (of course) to make!

Here is another technique to use with the ColorArtz Air Brush. (One can of propellant will do about 5 Ts.)

Scrunch up a simple white t-shirt and craft your work of art!

The first color I use in the video is Mango Tango.

Which beach will you lounge around on in your cool painted t-shirt?

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Add Bling and Sass to Summer Sandals and Swimsuits

Want to make plain flip flops get ohhs and ahhs?craft sandals terri o

If you would rather not pay $20 or $30 or more  for designer sandals or flip flops, here is my super simple way to add beads and bling!

The great thing is, it costs just pennies and a few minutes of your time to craft. Update your summer swimsuit and sandals with some beads and bling. I used last years shoes and an inexpensive pair I bought for a dollar.

Adding spice to a swim suit is just as simple!


2 pair of plain sandals or flip flops

assorted beads (or buttons or a combination of the two)


hot fix tool

flexible glue



wire cutters
Beaded Bling Sandals:

1.  First lay out your beads in the order you want them to be placed on your shoe. String it with beads. You will need about 3 times the length of the strap for the wire.

2.  Attach the wire by pushing it thru the spot where it is attached to the bottom of the shoe. Wrap it around the rubber knob that secures the strap to the shoe. Simply wrap the wire around the shoe strap and place a bead on top each time your wrap it.

3.  Once your reach the end, secure it into the bottom of the little knob that secures the strap. If your shoes break our wear out, because they are pretty cheap, simply cut the wire and remove the beads.

Rhinestones Sandals:

1. I used a hot fix tool to adhere the beads. For the larger beads make sure you use FLEXIBLE glue.

update swim suit terri oUpdated Swim Suits:

1. I just added a few beads on a head pin to give an old suit some new life.


If you’d like to see how, click here!


Patricia from New York won my DVDs this week.

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Super Simple Ribbon Rose to Sew

Need a quick embellishment for a hat, a blouse, a box even a strand of pearls?

Ribbon roses are Super Simple and easy to make in a few minutes.

Grab your ribbon, a needle, thread and scissors. Have fun!

Terri O Ribbon Rose

Sassy Sonoran Stilettos You Can Make!

I was thrilled to be asked to be a guest artist for Second Inspired Soles: A stiletto shoe auction to benefit Artlink Phoenix. The show is back by popular demand among patrons and local artists for its second year.

Local designers, artists and celebrities have custom-decorated the stilettos.

Those of you who live in the Phoenix Metro Area are getting a sneak peek!

Terri O DIY Stilettos
For those of you who are not able to attend but want to add sass to your own stilettos, the instructions are below.

All of the stilettos will be unveiled and auctioned on April 5, 2013, during First Friday in Downtown
Phoenix at the 6th Avenue Gallery (located on the southwest corner of Sixth Avenue and
McKinley, one block south of Roosevelt. The gallery is in the basement level of the

The stilettos will remain on display throughout the month of April.

A portion of the proceeds will benefit Artlink Phoenix, a nonprofit organization dedicated to linking artists, business and the public to better understand, appreciate and promote the thriving arts community in Central Phoenix.

Sassy Sonoran Stilettos
Level: Moderate
Designed by: Terri O

Plain Black Stilettos
Red Paint (I used Master’s Touch Acrylic in red)
White 3 Dimensional Paint
Hot Fix Rhinestones
Round Sponge Dauber
Paper Plate

1. You will have to do the shoes in stages so that each step dries. First I did the zebra stripes on the
platform of each shoe and let it dry.
2. Paint the bottom red. You may need several coats of paint. Let dry in between each coat.
3. With the round sponge dabber, add the polka dots to your shoes and let dry.
4. Place two rows of hot fix rhinestone to the heel.
5. Keep in mind this was my creation. Yours may look different but that does not mean it is wrong!
Embrace your own creativity!!
6. xo

Lucky Shamrock T-shirt

Super simple green clothes to celebrate your Irish heritage…doesn’t matter if you have a little or a lot (or maybe you are borrowing for a day).

I’m sure you will find this t-shirt is easy to make and I hope  the techniques shared I’m sharing will surely send you on a journey to discover how you can embellish fabric with paint and bling!

Supplies and Tools:


Acrylic paint

Sponges for stamps

Paper plate


Heat tool and hot fix beads if you like.

  1. If needed, pre-wash your t-shirt. Make sure you do not use fabric softener.
  2. Place a piece of cardboard in between your t-shirt otherwise the paint will seep thru.
  3. Draw a heart shape on the flat sponge and cut it out. I used two different shapes. You can also cut out a stem.
  4. Add water to the sponges to expand them and pat dry as much as possible.
  5. Use the paper plate as a palette and dip your sponges in the paint and press. Make sure to wear gloves and be careful to not place your fingers on the shirt.
  6. Let dry before you add any crystals.

If you would like to see how it’s done, CLICK HERE.