Ribbons can make your gift cards pop with color and dimension




Ribbons and lace are a super addition to cards! I recently nabbed a bag of ribbon scraps for a $2 at a yard sale with long and short pieces and I pulled out a few with colors that matched my manila folders and Graphic 45 card making session.


You can tie ribbons around the fold of your card (and if you tie them a little loose you can move them where you want) or add a bow somewhere on the outside that makes sense to you.


Lace makes a nice embellishment too!lace-1

Need an extra finger to tie that bow and now on around?



The nice thing about ribbons and lace is that if you make a card and decide it still needs something, or maybe you have too much space, etc, add a bow and viola! Perfect.


Here’s a tip about cutting frames:

The G45 papers used frames around some of the images. I wanted to mix and match (paper packs make mixing and matching easy because they are color coordinated) so I fussy cut the women in the had and put her in a different frame. I kept the words that were inside the frame for another card and in order to do that without getting out my craft knife and mat, I  simply cut a straight line. Fast. Simple and not really noticeable when I glued the card together.



Inside the card just in case you were curious:


Remember, when you are card making or scrapbooking: THERE ARE NO SCRAPBOOK POLICE! Have fun! Experiment! Simply do it your way!







Distress a greeting or gift card to give it dimension

distress-etcThese cards are part of the stack I made with StazOn Ink,


g45-packGraphic 45 Typography paper pack, old manila folders and

bradsG45 brads.

My goal was to keep the card making super simple.


The black paper came from my stash. I think it was once a presentation folder because it had pre-cut slits like where a business car could go.  I used them to slip my paper inside. Here’s what it looked like pre-distressing. Kinda boing 🙁


So I fixed it!

To distress the edge of the paper you simply swipe the pad on the edges with a light touch. I like these StazOn minis as they are just the right size to grip.

(And now that I see the distressing on the lines from where the folder folded I realize I want to do that same thing to top card!)


Here’s how the front turned out.



A couple more examples:






More to come!






Recycle old file folders as the base stock cards (and maybe ditch the envelope).

scissors-paper-gluelove-peopleDo you keep your birthday cards? I am sure at least some people reading this post do. What about the envelopes? I am betting you envelopes out even if you keep the card. If you are not sending the card, and you are not enclosing $ or the life, do you really need an envelope? I am thinking… no.

With that in mind and armed with scissors, a glue stick, 7 manila file folders, and a fall-colored 8×8 inch “Typography” paper pack from Graphic 45 (it includes 3 sheets each of 8 double sided designs), Graphic 45 metal brads, StazOn Ink, and a few bits of ribbon and lace, I set out to see how many super simple cards I could make in about 4 hours.


I made a total of 10 regular sized cards, 15 gift cards and a gift tag before I ran out of old file folders. I dd not run out of paper in the pack – I think there are 6 full sheets left plus scraps.


I chose not to cut the file folder tabs off but to use them as a design element in the cards, cutting the top of the image to match the tab and gluing an image on the inside tab to cover what was written or labeled.

dimension coverup







As I was cropping the folders to better match the size of the image, I wound up with some folded strips I did not want to pitch, so I  incorporated them into a card with a busy, colorful patterned inside.


recycle-steps-2recycle-steps-3I glued 5 strips at the bottom middle edge starting from the 1 in the center, then the 2 on the top and lastly the 2 in between those so they were somewhat even, essentially giving me 20 lines to write on.

Then I tied ribbon around it. (Silk sari ribbon comes either as strips knotted or sewn together.)



Here are a few more examples:

In this first one I did not worry about covering the entire label, but just left a well-chosen word to show on the tab.




Strips for a folder cut at an angle to add writing space on busy, dark paper:




More to come!

Recycle a Brown Paper Bag into Super Duper Simple Wrap with Cardstock Stickers


In a super hurry and no gift wrap?

Simply solved!

Just use 3 (or more) of the stickers from Graphic 45’s “An Eerie Collection” cardstock stickers and ribbon on a brown paper bag!

Bewitchingly simple!

More Super Simple gift wrap ideas: One Two








Super Simple Gift Wrap DIY – The Photo as Giant Gift Tag

Eliminate gift tags by using a photo of the person you are giving the gift to. Here is how I did it:

Photos as gift tags Terri O1.   Pick your picture and print it on regular paper. You could use photo paper but that can get pricey since it’s going in the trash anyway.

2.   The most important tool you’ll need is the www.xyron.com <http://www.xyron.com> 900. It makes stickers out of anything.

Run your picture thru it and stick it on the package or bag.

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Make Your Own Erasable Laminated Bulletin Board

purple cows terri o crafts

Need an erasable memo board in your own style and decor? It is super simple to make this one yourself in just a few minutes.

You will need a laminator for this project. The one I used comes from www.PurpleCows.net
It’s a great machine and there are so many projects you can make with it. Totally worth the investment.

12×12 laminator sheet
12 x12 scrapbook paper
Stickers or anything you want to add to it
Dry erase pen

1. Cut about ¼ inch off 2 sides of the scrapbook paper. You want your paper to fit inside the laminator sheet so the there is a border on all sides. This way your project will be sealed all the way around.
2. Embellish your paper. I used tags and stickers. Attach them with adhesive.
3. Place your embellished paper inside the laminator sheet and run it thru.
4. The idea is to use this on the go. If you want you can also make an 8×11 size and punch holes in it so it fits in your notebook.


Check out this cork memo board too!

Graduation gifts “Money Bouquet” & “Money Roll”

graduation money gift

“Money Bouquet”

I used $50 in $5’s to make my bouquet.


Flower pot

Floral foam or Styrofoam

Floral wire and/or green pipe cleaner

Wire cutters

Grass or shredded paper to cover floral foam


Floral pick to hold card or tag

Silk leaves


1.      Fold bills into an accordion long ways then fold in half.

2.      Wrap floral wire around the center of two bills and un-fan them. Make sure you leave a long stem. You can always cut them down later once you start to arrange.

3.      Place floral foam inside flower pot. Push it in so it’s snug. Arrange your flowers to your liking bending and twisting the wire so you can see all the flowers.

4.      Cover foam with shredded grass and insert pick to hold tag.

I think these might be fun gifts for someone’s birthday or a new bride and groom!

crafty way to gift money

“Money Roll”

I used 50 $1 bills.


Translucent tape


Small tissue box decorated


1.      Tape each bill together length wise. Tape some tissue to the first bill in the money roll.

2.      Carefully pull apart the bottom of the tissue box and insert the money roll.  Carefully push the tissue out the top and glue closed.

3.      Decorate the tissue box with ribbon and stickers.

Bubble Gum Jar for You and Your Kids to Craft

super simple bubble gum craftThis faux gumball machine makes a colorful gift for a child’s birthday or as a birthday party centerpiece.

Supplies and tools:

Terra cotta pot with coaster

1 1/2″ – 2″ wooden ball

Paints (acrylic) and brushes – I used purple, white and yellow

Round vase with a small mouth

Black Sharpie

Hot glue gun and glue sticks


Super simple instructions:

Paint terracotta pot and coaster. Let dry.

Paint wooden ball. Let dry.

Paint white area as shown. Let dry.

Write cost of gumballs with sharpie as shown.

Turn pot over and use your glue gun to affix bottom of vase to bottom of pot. Let cool.

Glue wooden ball on the bottom center of the coaster. Let cool.

Fill vase with gumballs.

Close with coaster lid and a painted wooden ball glued on as a handle.

Now you are ready to party!


Simple Dish Cloth Gift – Britches

terri o dish cloth giftsThese are so cute and a quick gift to make for a hostess.

You will need yarn or ribbon, a needle with an eye big enough for yarn (darning needle), two large dish cloths, scissors, and a tag for these super simple britches.
1. Thread the needle.
2. Fold one dish cloth in half. Sew a seam close to the edge half way. terri o dish cloth britches
3. Repeat with second dish cloth.
4. Now with one dish cloth facing left and the other facing right, sew the open parts together to form the pants.
5. At the “waist”, weave your needle in and out with colored yarn gather to make it ruffle before you tie the bow.
6. Do the same for each “pant leg.britches-3

7. Attach poem:
Now don’t get excited,
and don’t be misled,
These are not for you,
but your dishes instead.
Untie the bows.
Pull out the stitched.
You have gained two dish cloths,
but lost your britches!

Dazzling Trees in Styrofoam Cone Crazy-Land

kim-and-my-neighbor-terri-oI have been happily going a bit crazy making Christmas Tree based on people’s personalities.

The coolest thing about this project is I was able to raid my box of not-wearing-this-again jewelry, and my odds and ends of craft supplies. The tree bases are  tea lights or short class candle holders (you can hot glue them on or just push them part way into the bottom) and I used white cones because the green ones are too soft.

I first saw one of these trees at a neighborhood craft sale and I though to myself– Oh my gosh, I have tons of old jewelry at home. I made a couple for myself to use as holiday decor.


Then I thought–The would make great gifts if I did them based on personality.


Susan’s is red and Kim’s is pink with sparkle, the elderly couple across the street love seashells…


Oh tannenbaum! Don’t stop me now, to whom will I gift this tree when finished?


What would a tree based on your personality look like?

If you make one, I would love for you to share it on my Facebook page.