Make a Magnet in Seconds!

Terri O Super SimpleYou only need 3 components and one tool for this project:

Xyron Magnet Tape

1 cardstock sticker from Graphic 45′s “An Eerie Collection” ~ you can find this paper at your local scrapbook store.

1 Rue Romantique bezel with the ring snipped off the end (tool: wire cutters).



Recycle a Brown Paper Bag into Super Duper Simple Wrap with Cardstock Stickers


In a super hurry and no gift wrap?

Simply solved!

Just use 3 (or more) of the stickers from Graphic 45′s “An Eerie Collection” cardstock stickers and ribbon on a brown paper bag!

Bewitchingly simple!

More Super Simple gift wrap ideas: One Two








Fairy Tale Gift Card with Graphic 45 Cardstock Stickers

This month I will have six projects, large and small, some super fast, all super simple with Graphic 45′s “An Eerie Collection” cardstock stickers.

Terri O

You will need:

the sticker sheet, a vellum bag, 2 contrasting pieces of scrapbooking paper, a piece of ribbon, and glue dots.

4 Steps for the card:

Cut one piece of paper 3.25 bby 3.25 inches and the other about 3.5 by 7 inches.

Fold the bigger piece in half.

Attach stickers as shown above. You might wonder, why the glue dots? I used them to make the frame a wee bit higher than the picture.

glue dots















Make the vellum bag into an envelope in 3 steps:

1. Cut the bag the size you need.      2. Fold down the part you want to cut away.       3. You can seal the envelope by stapling on a ribbon.


envelope-2envelope-3OMG Christmas will be here before you know it. Make a cute embossed Holly card.



Super Simple Gift Wrap DIY – The Photo as Giant Gift Tag

Eliminate gift tags by using a photo of the person you are giving the gift to. Here is how I did it:

Photos as gift tags Terri O1.   Pick your picture and print it on regular paper. You could use photo paper but that can get pricey since it’s going in the trash anyway.

2.   The most important tool you’ll need is the <> 900. It makes stickers out of anything.

Run your picture thru it and stick it on the package or bag.

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How to use Flitter Flakes to Foil Emboss Paper Projects

I am bringing you something from the British Isles today.

You’ve got to love craft products with fun names like Flitter, Phat Foam, and Scoochy Foam. These foil embossing products are made by a company in England called Indigo Blu. If you are a card maker, add flitter to your craft stash and you will add a new dimension to your card-making and scrapbooking in six super simple steps. What are you waiting for? Dive on in!

I hope you had as much fun as I did.

Terri O

TerriO Super Simple Flitter cardmaking

Step 1. Place your “quintessentially English” rubber stamp on a an acrylic backer.

Step 2. Apply Flitter Glue to the stamp using Indigoblu Phat Foam. You want to make sure not to over glue it.

Step 3. Kiss your scrapbook or greeting card stock paper  with the stamp. (In this case I used tissue paper because I have plans for it in a later project.)

Step 4. Add Flitter Flakes and tap them down gently with your finger.

Step 5. Use Indigoblu Scoochy Foam to lightly sand off the excess Flitter Flakes. A light touch does it! Watch your lovely image emerge.

Step 6. Brush the unused portion back into the jar. I used Lancashire Rose on one of Indigo Blu’s Clockwork Stamps for this project, but they have lots of original stamps and nearly a dozen colors of Flitter Flakes.

What will you try first? Making a card or a scrapbook page?




Make Your Own Erasable Laminated Bulletin Board

purple cows terri o crafts

Need an erasable memo board in your own style and decor? It is super simple to make this one yourself in just a few minutes.

You will need a laminator for this project. The one I used comes from
It’s a great machine and there are so many projects you can make with it. Totally worth the investment.

12×12 laminator sheet
12 x12 scrapbook paper
Stickers or anything you want to add to it
Dry erase pen

1. Cut about ¼ inch off 2 sides of the scrapbook paper. You want your paper to fit inside the laminator sheet so the there is a border on all sides. This way your project will be sealed all the way around.
2. Embellish your paper. I used tags and stickers. Attach them with adhesive.
3. Place your embellished paper inside the laminator sheet and run it thru.
4. The idea is to use this on the go. If you want you can also make an 8×11 size and punch holes in it so it fits in your notebook.


Check out this cork memo board too!

Handprint Mother’s Day Canvas and Acordian Card

Mom will love to get one of these projects for Mother’s Day! Especially since it includes the hands of the little ones she loves so much.


Handprint Canvas

Supply List:

  • 1 good quality canvas. I used a 12 x 12 for two kids. If you have more than two kids you might want to consider buying a larger size.
  • Scrapbook paper with patterns on both sides. Try to stick with one theme or grouping to keep all your colors and patterns consistent.
  • Adhesive runner or glue.
  • Permanent markers
  • Handprints for a template

Instructions & Tips:

  1. Trace and cut out each child’s handprint. Cut out two prints for each child.
  2. Have kids write their message along the top before you glue the handprints.
  3. Place and glue the handprints to look like flowers.
  4. Draw the stems and leaves to each flower. You can even have each child write their name and date.

Handprint Card

  • Using heavy cardstock cut out two handprints. Write on the top handprint “I Love you” and lay them open.
  • Cut a strip of cardstock about 1 inch wide and fold like an accordion. Open accordion and write “this much”. Glue each end to the inside of each hand.
  • Tie the hands together with a ribbon.

You can watch me make this project on Sonoran Living.


Stationery for a Writer

Hi! Carol here, Terri’s assistant.

I saw a card similar to this on Pinterest and decided to deconstruct it. (I actually think the maker drew her typewriter but the only thing I can competently draw is a stick pig, so I had to find a rubber stamp.)

Typewriter Card Terri O

To make this card your will need:

Terri OA dictionary you no longer want. (As a bibliophile, tearing apart a book,even to craft with, is not a natural act!)

Rubber stamps: Typewriter and Keys (I found mine on ebay.)

StazOn Inks: Claret and Midnight Blue




Glue or Photo Splits (The splits were handier.)



Tear out your book page and measure to 4.5 inches by 5.5 inches. If you are using a paperback, the width is already 4.5″

Stamp your image onto the paper.

Terri O super simple card

Tip: I think the typewriter I stamped using an acrylic block on the back turned out better.

Stamp on your typewriter keys.

stamping with acrylic blocks Terri O

Use your ink pads to distress the edges of the dictionary paper.

Super Simple with Terri O



Adhere your paper to cardstock.

Tie on a ribbon.

Viola! Typewriter card.

I like how they turned out so much, I have just 46 more to make for a convention I am headed to next week.

Valentine’s Day Wedding Gift Card Holder

Love_Wedding_Gift_CardholdeThis is a quick and easy card to make if you have the right tools on hand. I like the idea of using a black card. It’s different and will defiantly be noticed.


Craft Supplies Needed
· Black card & envelope
· Stamps: “celebrate”, “congratulations” and a heart
· Heat gun
· Embossing pad
· Embossing pen
· Embossing powder in platinum & red
· Self adhesive rhinestones. I used Love from Me & My Big Ideas
· Xyron sticker maker or glue stick
· Cutting tool and/or scissors
· Textured red paper
· Silver paper
· Paper with hearts by Sakar. This is a special handmade paper that was made with hearts. You can use almost any kind of rice paper. You can find handmade papers at specialty paper stores or scrapbook stores.

Project Instructions
Tear out a small piece of the heart paper so that it will fit thru your sticker maker. Place it towards the bottom and to the right of your card.
Using your embossing stamp pad, stamp the word “Celebrate” across the top at an angle. Add platinum embossing powder.
Stamp hearts randomly along the lower half of the card. Don’t be afraid to stamp onto the heart paper. Add red embossing powder.
Emboss the front of your card with the heat gun.
Tear a small heart out of the red textured paper and run it thru your sticker maker.
Place your red heart wherever you like on the front. I put it over the heart paper.

“Me Journal”

simple embellished journal for your new year

It’s a new year and I am vowing to myself to give “me” some extra time this year. As I get older, I am finding that I need time to sort my busy life out.

My kids are older which only makes for a more complicated life. Here are just a few tips to help you create your own “Me Journal”.

Book. You can buy one that is ready to be decorated. Some of them are already put together and some of them you need to assemble.
Paper cutter
Favorite sayings

Tips for newbies to crafting:
You can pick up a simple spiral bound book at the dollar store. All you have to do is add ribbon and glue paper.
A paper cutter is not necessary but it sure does come in handy!
If you don’t have any paper or embellishments the easiest way to put a book together is buy a book or package of themed papers. They even have sayings and tags inside for you to cut and glue.
You don’t have to complete your book in one day. The idea is to keep it with you and add to it as the year progresses. I have put in napkins that have been scribbled on to fortune cookie sayings that mean something to me. If it fits in your book add it!

You can catch the Sonoran Living video and discover how this simple project can make you smile.