Hop Into Spring with a Bunny or Three, or Four — You’ll Adore this Quick, Super Art Simple Project

This is such a simple project to do. I think it would be cute in a set of 3. One in blue, yellow and pink!


Acrylic paint/ brushes
Bunny print out (visit my Pinterest page for the stencil )
Spray adhesive
Felt, batting or any kind of fabric to cut out a bunny shape

1. Paint canvas and let dry.
2. Cut out a square of burlap slightly smaller than the canvas.
3. Trace the bunny shape onto some fabric and cut it out.
4. Using spray adhesive spray the back of the bunny and the back of the burlap. Adhere to canvas.

Are you ready to do the bunny hop!? Check out my Sonoran Living video to see a few more darling bunnies and the fabric I used!

You Can Turn a Wooden Bowl into a Work of Art with a Single Craft Tool



IKEA Bamboo bowl sku # 602.143.43


Wood burning tool available at most craft stores (such as this one from Plaid – they usually come with several tips and you may also purchase stencils to trace your own designs

wood burning kit


tracing paper

Optional: Makers to color the outside.

Tips to wood burning:

1. First practice, practice, practice. Use a piece of throw away wood to try out all the different tips and see what they can do.

2. If you are not comfortable with burning directly onto the wood then trace or draw your design onto the wood.

3. If you are burning onto wood on the outside of a piece, you may decide to put a clear varnish over it to protect it.

Click here to see how the different tips of the wood burning tool work.

What kind of decoration will you put on your bowl and who will you show it off to first?

Fresh Flower Arranging Made Super Simple

Arrange your cut flowers with this delightful new vase (as featured on SimpleSteals).


Click here to see the arrangement!

I love the idea of beautiful fresh flowers growing in my home, especially for holidays such as Valentine’s and Easter. This idea came to me after checking out Pinterest.




Glass beads or rocks


Terri’s tips:

  1. First make sure you check your water level daily.
  2. I found that I had to clean out the vase occasionally. It got kind of smelly and slimy. It’s easy to do.
  3. If your bulbs don’t sprout after a week or so check to see they may not. Just pull them and add new ones.
  4. If your blubs are growing to grow tall make sure your vase is tall enough to support them. I actually started mine in a smaller container then once they sprouted I moved them to a larger one.
preserve special flowers TerriO

How to Dry Your Own Flowers and Have DIY Materials On-Hand for Crafting


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Use Shimmering Vases to Create Ambience in a Room

Terri_O_makes_antique_looking_vasesThese vases take just moments to create and they glow beautifully!

This project is perfect to create some ambiance for any occasion. The technique I am using is to give the glass an antique look. It’s super simple and you can create any color you like.
IKEA offers many sizes and styles of glass vases. I choose three different heights.

Glass vases:
Large Cylinder skew # 602-233-28
Medium vase (Bladet ) skew # 301-221-99
Small vase (Bladet) skew  #601-505-31
Small push lights skew # 802-448-67

In order to create the antique look you will need:
1 part vinegar 3 parts water in a spray bottle
For paint I used Krylon Looking glass for silver mirror look and gold

To create the antique look:
1.    First clean the inside to remove dust.
2.    Lightly spritz inside of vase then quickly spray paint the inside. Be careful to not over spray. Less is better! Let dry.
3.    Place push lights at the bottom of the vase. Enjoy!

Watch the how-to video on Sonoran Living.


DIY Name Sign with Cardboard and Yarn


teenage room decor TerriO


Decorate your room with your name on the cheap! I found some cardboard boxes in the back of a truck headed for the junkyard. So I saved them, cut them up and turned them into wall art. Here is what you need:

Exacto knife
Glue or glue gun

I used a ruler to help gauge the size of my letters. I wanted them to be fairly uniform in shape. Simply glue one end of the yarn to the cardboard and wrap it. If the letter has a hole in it like the letter A, simply cut out one side and bend it back. This way you won’t have to push your yarn through a hole which will take forever! After Noon on 8-14-14 you can watch the segment on Sonoran Living to see for yourself.


Simple Way to Make a Mosaic of Vacation Photos

Want to display your family vacation photos in a geometric way?

Here’s a super simple  technique for a scrapbook page or an interesting photo collage in a large frame that you will be excited to show off to family and friends!

Terri Ouelette Super Simple Crafts

Before you decide what to do with your photos I suggest you make copies if you don’t have them on a drive. Some of my older photos I actually had to develop! Remember those days? So before you cut or glue double check to make sure you have other copies.

To make the mosaic design here are a few tips:
1. Try to tell the story. Just pick a few pictures as your centerpiece then add other photos around them to help expand on that photo.
2. Don’t throw away all of those photos that did not turn out, you can use them to cut up as fill.
3. Use a non-water based glue. I prefer to use Scrapbook Adhesives E-Z Runner.
4. Glue you pictures to a hard surface such as heavy duty card stock or even colored cardboard.

To make the shadow box I picked my favorite photo and added some shells inside the frame. Remember you can use anything like ticket stubs, hotel napkins, event programs and so on.
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Decorative Corkboards

This is a super simple way to create a memo board for a bedroom or family message station.

cork memo board Terri O

You can buy packages of 12×12 corkboards at Target or Wal-Mart. These boards can be painted and glued. I suggest doubling them up because they are very thin.

Supplies I used to decorate them:
Peel and stick rhinestones

Simply Beautiful Faux Raku Vase to Make

Terri Ouelette simple raku vase

Isn’t this stunning? I made these vases and so can you!

My hats are off to potters who mold clay and hand-fire in raku style, but I do love the simplicity of this technique to get a similar effect with the copper and eggplant hues.

Are you ready?

Good, let’s get started!

Materials Needed:

Block of black Premo clay (made by Sculpey)
Wax or cardboard paper
Various shades of Pearl Ex
Hand-crank pasta maker (DO NOT use machine to make pasta after working with Sculpey clay!)
Glass vase
Plastic knife
Fine-grit sandpaper

Step 1:

Slice a thin piece of Sculpey clay and feed through pasta machine. This should give you a nice, flat piece of clay to work with.

Step 2:

Pour out a small amount of Pearl Ex powder onto working space. Use your fingers and spread one color (or several) at a time over your black clay. The more colors you use, the prettier your piece will be! Overlap colors — get creative!

Step 3:

Once your clay is pretty well coated, you can start ripping small sections off and place them onto your vase. Leave jagged edges; overlap your clay — whatever helps give it texture. Repeat until vase is completely covered. (You may also want to cover the inside lip of the vase as well.)

Step 4:

For additional texture, use a piece of fine-grit sandpaper and go around your vase, gently pressing your clay down.

Step 5:

Place vase on a cookie sheet and bake according to directions.


Let Your Light Shine -Painted Light Bulb Craft

Oh! This craft is so much fun!

Great project for older “tweens”.

Super Simple with Terri O

Materials Needed:

Low-wattage light bulb (40 watts or less)
Porcelain Paint

Step 1:

Using the porcelain paint, choose a design and paint it on the light bulb. You can use several different colors if you want to.

Step 2:

Do not paint the metal part of the light bulb.

Step 3:

Do not bake the light bulbs in the oven, even if the porcelain paint says to in the instructions.

Step 4:

Let dry for 24 hours. Put in a lamp and let it bake on its own.

Age a Wheelbarrow

Need to age a wheel barrow for a planter and can’t find one at a yard sale or vintage shop?

Here’s how you do it!

Super Simple with Terri O

Materials Needed:

Brand-new metal wheelbarrow
Synthetic bristle paintbrush
#80 grit sandpaper or block
Modern Options Primo Primer
Modern Options Iron Metallic Surfacer (dark gray)
Modern Options Iron Metallic Surfacer (rusting solution)
Stripper (for wooden handles)
Gray stain (for handles)
Grinding wheel (to de-nub tire)
McCloskey’s Aging Glaze Asphatum (used to make color uneven)
Newpaper (to protect work surface)

Step 1:

Take wheelbarrow apart (remove tire, handlebars, etc.)

Step 2:

Lightly sand metal portion of wheelbarrow. Apply two coats of primer (using a disposable brush).

Step 3:

Apply one coat of the metallic surfacer in dark gray. Let dry 2 hours. Apply a second coat. Let cure for 24 hours. (Don’t forget the tire! Use the grinding wheel to “de-nub” the tire to make it look a little more worn.)

Step 4:

Now it’s time for the rusting solution. Apply a generous coat, using downward strokes. You should see the metal start to “age” within about 10 minutes. For a more rustic look, apply a second “overlap” coat.

Step 5:

If you’d like to age the handles as well, strip the varnish off the wood and stain with a dark gray stainer. Apply aging gel over that.