Red, White, and Blue Crafts for your Celebrations on the 4th!

Crafty Wood Stick Flags
By: Terri O
Level: Very Easy

This project is super easy and best of all quick. You can make this project and proudly display it for several holidays. Flag Day, 4th of July and Memorial Day to name a few.
Craft Supplies Needed
Craft sticks. These are larger in size than Popsicle sticks.
Acrylic paint in red, white and blue
Blue craft foam
Wood stars
3/8 round dowels

Wtch the video:

Wtch the video:

4th of July Candle Holder Craft Project
Craft Supplies Needed
· – 3 Terra cotta pots 4 to 6 inch size
· – Acrylic paint in red, white & Blue
· – Brushes
· – Dimensional paints in glossy and glitter
· – Citronella candle in a holder
Project Instructions
1. Paint the terra cotta pots in different colors. One red, one blue etc. With the dimensional paints add the stars or any other ideas you might have.
2. To protect your design so you can use it again next year coat the outside with a water based sealer. Let dry.
3. Make sure you only use candles that are in a holder. The wax will melt into your pot and ruin your terra cotta if you don’t.

Stars and Stripes Silverware Holder Holiday Craft Project
Craft Supplies
· – 9″ or larger terra cotta pot
· – Acrylic paint in red, white and blue
· – Dimensional paints in white
· – Brushes
· – Patriotic paper napkins
· – Plastic ware
· – Red raffia
Project Instructions
1. Paint red and white stripes on the bottom part of the pot. Paint the rim blue and let dry.
2. With the white dimensional, paint a stream of stars up and down the pot and let dry. If you want you can seal the pot with a water based sealer.
3. Wrap your plastic ware in napkins and tie with raffia. Place them in the pot for a perfect display.

Elegant Simple Floating Candle and Flower Centerpiece

Super Simple with Terri O centerpieceFloating candles add an element of elegance to your table.

Place cut flowers, just the tops–leaves will make your water turn icky quite quickly, from your garden in 3 vases of varying heights. Add water and a floating candle to each.

If you have a mirror you can place the vases on the reflection is divine.

I used roses, gardenias and petunias.

The centerpiece will last just a couple of days.

Super Simple loveliness for a Mother’s Day Brunch!

Sunny Easter Bunny Craft in about an Hour

Here is another Easter Bunny craft that uses a terra cotta pot:

Super Simple with Terri O Easter

You need paints in yellow, white, orange and pink. I used Painters Paint Pens for the orange squares on the inside of the dish and pink for the bunny nose..

A black Sharpie for the eyes and mouth

Small straw hat with a daisy

and for the ears: Scraps of cloth cut and wire


1. Paint your pot and base. Let dry and then glue head to dish with E6000.

2. Bend two wire coat hangers( or simply use craft wire) in the shape of ears.

3. Take your craps of cloth, cut int two ear shapes and glue or sew onto the wire forms.

4. Glue on hat, flower and ears.

Fill with candy and you have a sweet hostess gift!

Happy Spring Duck Sign

You need to be able to draw simple shapes to craft this project: Half an egg, a banner and a ducks head and eyes.

Here is the duck bill: (right click to download)

duck bill

Materials Needed:

Fun Foam, white, yellow, orange, magenta, light green and light blue
Dimensional paints, shiny mint green, shiny yellow, shiny black, pearlescent pink, pearlescent white
Tracing paper
1 10-inch wire
2 5-inch wires

Step 1:Super Simple with Terri O

Trace, transfer and cut out the pieces from the indicated foam colors (See pattern).

Step 2:

Use a pen to outline the duck, bill, egg, flowers, leaves and banner.

Step 3:

Use black paint to dot the eyes. Use pink paint to dot the flower centers, outline and detail the bow and draw the banner flower. Use green paint to letter “HaPpY SpRiNG” on the banner. Use yellow paint to dot the banner flower center. Use white paint to decorate the banner with dots. Add a tiny white dot in the yellow flower center. Let dry.

Step 4:

Glue the egg and bill to the duck. Glue the bow to the egg top.

Step 5:

Glue the flowers in a cluster in the egg center with three leaves on each side.

Step 6:

Use the 10-inch wire to make a wire hanger from end to end of the banner top. Use the 5-inch wires to attach the top bow corners to the lower banner corners.

“Marbelous” Easter Tree

I am sure Peter Cottontail would love to romp through a forest of these trees, but I think we’ll make just one.

easter tree terri oMaterials Needed:

3 to 5 bottles Delta Ceramcoat acrylic paint in pastel Easter colors
Delta  glue
12 2-part clear plastic eggs
Wire tree or manzanita branch with base
Iridescent grass
1 to 2 yards cording or ribbon
20 to 30 small silk pastel flowers

Step 1:

Wash the inside of each egg in a mixture of 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water. Let dry.

Step 2:

Use newspapers or paper towels to protect your work surface. Begin with 1/2 of 1 plastic egg. Select 1 color of paint and squeeze a small amount down the side, forming a stripe or circle of paint. Repeat this procedure with 1 or 2 of the remaining bottles of paint until a total of 6 to 8 strips are formed. Note: Not all of the ornament will be covered at this time.

Step 3:

Snap on the other half of the painted egg to form 1 whole egg. Place the egg on a paper cup or egg carton. Rotate the egg a quarter turn every 5 to 10 minutes until the entire inside of the egg is coated. Continue to rotate the egg every 30 minutes for the next couple hours. The marbleized effects will change with every turn.

Marbleized Egg Terri OStep 4:

When you have achieved your desired look, unsnap the egg ornament and carefully drain out any excess paint. Allow both halves to dry before reassembling.

Step 5:

Reassemble egg (You may want to glue it shut at this point.) and attach a piece of ribbon or cording to complete your Easter egg ornament.

Step 6:

Repeat above instructions until all 12 eggs are complete.

Step 7:

For Easter tree, decorate tree as desired using pastel flowers and/or ribbons. Attach using Delta Velverette glue and let dry.

Step 8:

Assemble iridescent grass around base of tree.

Step 9:

Hang completed Easter egg ornaments on tree.

Easter Egg Topiary Tree and Candy Dish

This holiday home decor item does double duty!

Super Simple with Terri O EASTER

Materials Needed:

10-inch terra cotta saucer
4-inch terra cotta pot
1 5-inch styrofoam egg
70 medium-sized paper roses
Paint, any colors
1 can Folk Art High Shine Glaze
1 wood dowel, cut to desired length
1 small bumble bee decoration
E6000 glue
Shredded paper, any color
White glue
Ribbon, as desired

Step 1:

Paint terra cotta saucer and pot desired color. Once dry, glaze with high shine glaze.

Step 2:

Using E6000 glue, glue bottom of pot to saucer.

Step 3:

Use E6000 glue to secure Superfoam in bottom of pot.

Step 4:

Insert dowel into styrofoam egg; permanently attach with E6000 glue. Insert bare end into pot.

Step 5:

Dip rose stems in white glue. Insert stem into styrofoam egg. Repeat process until styrofoam is completely covered.

Step 6:

Use E6000 glue to attach bumble bee decoration.

Step 7:

Tie ribbon into a bow; place on “trunk” of tree.

Tips for Sexy Drinks to Share with the One You Love

Oh la la! It is Valentine’s Day! Are you making a special meal for your sweetheart this evening?  Here is a ménage à trois of drink ideas to enhance the party!

sexy valentine's drinksWine and Chocolate

Box of chocolates

Decorative icing in variety of colors


Something to decorate the skewer with

1.       It’s best to put the box of candy in the refrigerator before piercing with the skewer.

2.       2. Decorate the candy after you skewered it.

3.       Lay across your wine glass and give it to your sweetheart.

Champagne and Strawberries

Cut out heart shapes from your strawberries and freeze them. Add them to your sparkling cider or champagne before serving.

Strawberry Roses

Candy Melts in pink: follow directions for melting

Sparkle gel in red



Something to hold them so they can set, I used a Styrofoam block

1.       Clean and dry strawberries. It is important to make sure they are not wet otherwise the candy will not stick or it will look clumpy.

2.       Insert a skewer into the strawberry so the leaves are at the bottom and dip the berry into the melted candy.

3.       Let set then decorate with red sparkle gel.

I am making these drinks to impress a sweetheart on Sonoran Living.

LOVE Squared Topiary

Super Simple Valentine CraftTerri O Tips:
Keep in mind the size of Styrofoam square you buy should be proportionate to your vase. That’s why I never give sizes because it depends on your vase. Also note that I am using tacky glue. A hot glue gun will melt the Styrofoam unless you have a high/low temp gun. The low temp may be okay. Test it first.

Craft Supplies Needed
· Vase
· Styrofoam ball that will fit snugly inside of vase
· Tacky glue
· Silk flowers (enough to cover all four sides)
· Styrofoam square.
· Chipboard letters
· Ribbon
· Glue gun
· Wire cutters (may be needed if you can pull the silk flowers off of stem)
· Moss
· Dowel

Project Instructions
1. Remove all silk flowers from the stems. Glue them on each side of the square using tacky glue. Let dry.
2. Insert round Styrofoam ball inside of vase. Make sure it fits very tight. You should have to push really hard to make it fit.
3. Cut dowel to the height you desire your topiary to be. Wrap the dowel with ribbon to cover the wood. Use a hot glue gun for a quick dry.
4. Attach chipboard letters to each side of the square. Lay them out to make sure they fit then use your hot glue gun to secure. TIP: You may have to glue down some of the flower petals first.
5. Insert dowel into bottom of square. Insert dowel into the Styrofoam ball inside your vase. Once it’s straight add a bit of glue to keep it secure. Cover the ball with moss. Secure with glue if you need to.
6. Tie ribbon bows on the dowel.

Valentine Door Hanger

valentine craft terri oWhen your child awakes on February 14, this could be a fun greeting. It would also make a nice teacher gift.

Materials needed for Valentine Door Hanger:

2 pieces Fun Foam

1 piece Valentine wire

Paint pens

1 piece netting

Valentine’s Day candy

Glue gun

Completion Time: 15 minutes


  1. Cut two equal-sized hearts out of Fun Foam.
  2. Cut out a smaller heart from inside one of the Fun Foam hearts.
  3. Glue a piece of netting over the smaller heart hole.
  4. Glue the two large hearts together, leaving the top open and the netting on the inside of the hearts.
  5. Glue the two ends of the Valentine’s Day wire on the opposite ends of the heart, creating a handle.
  6. Decorate the heart with paint pens.
  7. When the glue dries, fill the heart with Valentine’s Day candy.

Really Simple Ornaments Little Kids Can Make (with a little supervision)

Love ‘Em Ornaments

I bet you have a box of duplicate photos in your craft area, and if not, I bet you have a printer.

terrio-simple-photo-ornamenYou can help your children decorate a Christmas tree with photos of family rolled and placed in clear plastic ornaments.

Trust me, this is much easier than building a ship in a bottle and is a simple project for little hands.

  1. I cut this wedding photo into a heart shape.
  2. It didn’t quite unroll like I wanted so I simply used the eraser end of a pencil to uncurl it and viola!
  3. Instant ornament.

This would be a fun project to make as a theme:

VINTAGE—print  the photos in a sepia tone and tie the ornament at the top with ribbon

FAR AWAY—use photos of all those friends and family you are missing

Easy embellishments:

  • lace
  • ribbon
  • paste on jewels

lace-and-flowers-terri-oFestive Lace and Flowers

  1. Water down a small amount of white craft glue—about 2/3rds glue to 1/3rd water
  2. Pour into clear plastic ornament and swil around until insides are coated.
  3. Pour in glitter and swirl around. Let dry.
  4. Use a tacky craft glue to adhere a stip of ribbon and a few small flowers to the outside of the ornament and let dry. (My assistant scored a bag of lace scaps recently at a moving sale.)

terri-o-simple-ornamentGlitter on the Outside Ornament

  1. Draw glue lines on the outside of an ornament—I used a clear plastic one.
  2. Turn it in one hand as you sprinkle glitter with the other—do this over a sheet of paper and you can put any excess glitter back into its jar.
  3. Let dry.