DIY Shrinky Dink Wine Tags

Did you think that Shrinky Dinks were just for kids?

We  we are going to make wine tags with them.

Super simple wine tags

If you love to doodle, then I predict you will have a lot of fun making sets of tags to give as hostess gifts.

Here is what you’ll need:
Heat gun
Shrinky Dink sheets from the craft store
colored markers
jump rings
wire rings (I used pre-made pieces I purchased from the jewelry section of my local craft store)
needle nose pliers
hole puncher

Cut Shrinky Dink sheet about 2 inches square

Draw your images

Punch a hole in the top or corner


Watch how to make them.

Don’t create your tags any larger than a 2″ x 2″ square. Otherwise it will curl up and not lay flat.
Remember that each image shrinks down to about 50%.
Don’t forget to punch a hole in the image BEFORE you shrink it.
Keep your heat gun moving so than you don’t over heat it. It will burn.
Of course you can always use the oven. Just follow directions from the manufacturer.

Trivia: Shrinky Dinks were invented by 2 moms from Wisconsin in 1973. Wow! They are 40 years old!

Fall Burlap Welcome Wreath Craft

Terri O Fall wreath

Before I put the wreath together, it looked like this:


Grapevine wreath

Wire ribbon in various colors

Roll of burlap

Long thin floral wire

Wire cutters

Floral tape


Glue gun


Flowers or branches for decoration

YOU can do this!!


To make the burlap flowers cut an 8×8 or larger square depending on how big you want your flower to be. Scrunch it up in the middle and use the floral wire to sew it together. Twist the wire tightly at the bottom to secure. Leave the rest of the wire so you can use it to attach it to your wreath. Make at least 3 to 4 or more if you are going all the way around.

Make bows with all of your different ribbons. Be sure to leave the rest of the wire so you can use it to attach your bows.

Make your arrangement by bunching up your flowers in your hand. Use floral tape to secure and wrap the bottom just like you would a wedding bouquet. This will secure all of you pieces together tightly. I wrapped the bottom in burlap also to hide the floral tape.

Before you attach anything to your wreath lay it on the floor and place the bows and burlap flowers where you want them. After you are satisfied attach each one to your wreath with the wire. Clip off any leftover wire.

No-fail Super Simple Plastic Table Cloth Craft

All you need are two contrasting plastic table cloths and a pair of scissors  to make your outdoor table look pretty! Viola! Super inexpensive and super simple crafting!

I cut flowers, but you could do any design you like!

Freedom Banner

What does freedom mean to you?

Here is a banner you can craft to share and celebrate that meaning with family and friends this upcoming Independence Day!

Supplies you will need:

chipboard letters, heavy card stock, ribbon, glitter, scrap paper, paint, glue, scissors, clips and string.

I’d love for you to comments and share what freedom means to you.

This is the banner my video inspired a friend to make a year ago and her blog about what freedom means to her.

freedom banner

Card Table Table Cloth and Napkin Set

card table cloth and napkins terri o

Level: Easy & Beginner
Designed by: Terri O and Design Team

Craft Supplies:

  • Sewing machine
  • 2 yards fabric
  • 2 yards co-coordinating fabric
  • Fusible webbing or heat & bond
  • Scissors
  • Iron and ironing board
Project Instructions:
1.      With one yard of each fabric lay them face to face and pin. Cut off any excess or uneven edges.
2.      Sew the edges together all the way around leaving enough room for your hand to fit thru the opening.
3.      Turn fabric right side out thru the hole. I used a dowel or a stick to push the corners out.
4.      Iron the edges down tight. At the opening cut a strip of fusible webbing and place it just inside. Iron over the webbing to close the opening.
5.  Repeat 1 thru 4 for the napkins. I used a napkin as a template to create a pattern.


A Gift for Your Table or Another’s

Need a fast hostess gift? Does your child want to make a present for their teacher? Just want something new on your dinner table tonight?

Terri O

“Vintage Snowman” Crafted by Carol for Terri O

This craft project upcycles two items, a wine bottle (washed) and jewelry (some you have and never seem to wear or perhaps some great thrift store finds). You can use it as a candle holder for a dripless candle or a a vase for a single flower.

Terri O

“Smiles” Crafted by Carol for Terri O


Pretty paper – I used scrapbook paper

Embellishments – ribbons, jewelry, paper flowers

Recycled wine bottle


Strong craft glue or Glue Gun with glue sticks

Scissors or paper cutter

Terri O

“Merry & Bright” Crafted by Carol for Terri O


1. Set wine bottle on a flat surface and place paper around it. Not all bottles are blown equally, your paper will probably overlap on small bottles and it might have a small gab with larger ones. Decide where you want to cut or tear the paper and do so.

2. If you are adding a  brooch, go ahead and carefully pin it to the paper and tape across the pinback on the back side of the paper for extra security.

3. Glue on paper.

4. Tear or cut paper for the throat of the bottle and glue on.

5. Embellish with ribbon.

Project time is about 10 minutes per bottle once you have chosen your paper and embellishments.

Tasty Tailgate Treats and Football Fashions

I admitted on the air that I don’t know much about football, except to cheer at the exciting parts and I am an Arizona gal so:

Go Red!

Go Sun Devils!

Go Wildcats!

Go  Lumberjacks!

and, although their season is over, I hear that Arena Football Quarterback Nick Davila had an awesome season with the Arizona Rattlers, throwing 100 TD for the third consecutive year!

Way to go Rattlers!

“Those aren’t my teams,” you say.

Well now is your chance to let loose and cheer loudly for YOUR team!


super simple with terri o

C’mon, you can cheer louder than that!

 super simple with terri o


Now it is time to party with Michael Reimann, president of AZ Barbeque –he shared easy recipes for

Atomic Buffalos

Shrimp Bacon Chili = Simply yummy!

Remember: the heat is not only in the chili seeds it is mostly in the membrane!

and Tailgate Cobbler on Sonoran Living:

Need more football party food?

The Arena Sports Grill shares recipes sliders and skewers:

Look fab for Friday Night Lights:







Dancing Ghosts Bring On Halloween Crafts

Halloween crafting has evolved and I will be sharing new projects for all of the upcoming holidays on Sonoran Living.

Meanwhile, you are welcome to join me on a journey into the Terri O craft archives. Don’t be scared as we  encounter my Famous Dancing Ghosts‼

Terri O

Terri O's Famous Dancing Ghosts

Now you might ask why they are famous, but if I told you, well, let’s just say the results could be frightening!


And, I like fun soooo much better! Let’s have a contest. Comment on this blog post by August 31, and tell me why you think my dancing ghosts are famous. I will send one random winner a set of my crafting videos!

Meanwhile, here’s how you can make the ghosts dance for you and your family:

Craft Supplies

  • 6 White sheets cut in half. (Cut across the width)
  • 6 Wooden steaks about 4 to 5 feet long
  • 6 Plastic trash bags (or recycled grocery bags)
  • Masking tape
  • Newspaper
  • Black acrylic paint and brush
  • Fishing line


  1. Pound stakes into the ground so they are stable. I put mine in a circle or around a tree.
  2. Crumble up newspaper and stuff it into the corner of a trash bag. Put enough in to make a normal size head. Wrap masking tape around it and attach it to the wooden steak.
  3. Drape one sheet over the trash bag and tie a small piece of fishing line loosely around the neck. Do this for all six steaks placing them about 3 feet apart.
  4. Grabbing a corner of each sheet tie them together to create the illusion of them holding hands. Using black paint, paint a face for each one.
  5. Now get ready to have the whole neighborhood stop by and tell you how clever you are! By the way, at the end of the holiday just wash the sheet and put the steaks away for next year.
  6. Mini Dancing Ghosts: The concept is the same except instead of stakes I used dowels and Styrofoam balls for heads!

terri O

At the entrance to the dancing ghost party you’ll be greeted by a wealth of pumpkins that you won’t have to carve.

Black Pumpkins with Sunflowers:

Craft Supplies

  • Faux pumpkin
  • Black spray paint (flat)
  • Adhesive
  • Large Yellow paper flowers for eyes with a polka dot brads
  • Silver glitter glue for mouth
  • Silver rhinestones for a tooth


  1. Paint pumpkin and let dry.
  2. Attach brad to flowers and glue for eyes.
  3. Draw a mouth shape with glitter glue and fill in tooth with rhinestones.

Black Pumpkins with Animal Print:


  • Faux pumpkin
  • Black spray paint (flat)
  • Adhesive
  • Animal print felt cut out for eyes and a mouth


  1. Paint pumpkin and let dry.
  2. Simply cut out the shapes and glue.

Boo Pumpkins:


  • 5 mini pumpkins (real or faux)
  • Ribbon in various shapes and colors
  • Chipboard tags
  • Peel and stick letters
  • Straight pins
  • 3 candle holders


  1. Paint three chipboard tags black and add letters.
  2. Attach with ribbon and hold ribbon in place with a pin
  3. Decorate the other pumpkins with ribbon and hold in place with pins.

Terri OThese eyes make a nice décor looking over the appetizers.

Eerie Eyeballs

Craft Supplies

  • Styrofoam ™
    • Balls: 8”, 4”, 3”, 2”
    • Eggs: 4” and 3”
    • Dimensional Fabric Paint
    • Crystal clear plastic wrap


  • Foam Cutter or Serrated Knife
  • Toothpicks
  • Heat Gun or Hair Dryer
  • Scissors
  • Low-temp Glue Gun


  1. To create the double eyes, use the foam cutter or a serrated knife to cut the eggs in half lengthwise. Lay them on the table cut sides down.
  2. Glue them together (with low-temp glues) in unusual ways to create fun looks: Tilt the narrowed ends in and the wide ends apart to create “worried” eyes, or cut the narrow ends of the eggs off to create eyes that are peeking over something. Tips: Create a stronger bond by creating a larger surface for gluing: use the foam cutter to make a small flat spot where the two sides of the eyes meet. Toothpicks can be inserted between the pieces for additional support.
  3. Insert a toothpick to use as a handle as you paint the eyes.
  4. Paint circles for the colored iris on each of the balls or eggs as large or as small as you desire. Let dry.
  5. Paint black circles in the centers of the eyes for pupils, and outline the irises.
  6. Use red fabric paint to draw red blood vessels. Let dry.
  7. Cut squares of plastic wrap big enough to cover the eyeballs plus a little to overlap slightly.
  8. 8.      Wrap each eyeball, pulling the plastic wrap snug as you go to smooth creases. Tip: when wrapping egg shaped eyes, wrap each half egg separately.
  9. Use a heat gun or a hair dryer (on hottest setting) to “shrink” the plastic wrap to the eyeballs, giving them a glossy look.

Halloween Garland
It only takes a few hours to create this spooky garland to string across the mantel or over a window. Even the kids can help! Use your imagination and try to come up with different shapes to sew & stuff. This is one project you can keep adding to year after year.

Craft Supplies:

  • Felt-black, orange, green
  • Floss
  • Needle #22
  • Cheesecloth
  • Fabric stiffener Glow in the dark textured paint
  • Black pipe cleaners
  • Splat mat
  • Fishing line
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Wire snips
  • Black yarn
  • Wood cuts
  • Stuffing ( I used bamboo fiber)

Project Directions:

  1. Make two layers of felt and cut out your designs. I cut out pumpkins, bats, spiders and crosses.
  2. Stitch them together with floss leaving a space for stuffing.
  3. Stuff them and stitch closed.
  4. To make the ghosts cut a small piece of cheesecloth and saturate with Stiffy.
  5. Place cheesecloth on the splat mat and form the shape of a ghost and let it dry for several hours.
  6. Drill holes in the wood cut outs then paint them with glow in the dark paint.
  7. Create the garland by tying together several long strands of yarn. The length depends on how long you want it to be.
  8. Attach all your creations with fishing line and hang.
  9. I used some items I found at the dollar store to fill in the gaps.

Want treats your guests can take home?

Tin Can Halloween Treats Craft Project

Craft Supplies

  • Small tin cans with pull tab tops
  • Safe can opener
  • Halloween paper and embellishments
  • Adhesive runner
  • Tacky glue or E 6000 or industrial glue


  1. Using your “safe” can opener (the one that takes the end off without cutting), open the cans from the bottom. Remove paper and wash. I made sure to keep the bottom with the can it came from just in case.
  2. Fill can with candy and glue bottom back on. I set something heavy on mine overnight to make sure it was firmly in place when it dried.
  3. Decorate the outside of the tin with paper and embellishments.
  4. Pass them out at your party and let everyone be amazed at how you got the candy inside the can, without opening it!


Watermelon Baby Buggy – Baby Shower Centerpiece

I just love browsing farmer’s markets. There are always tasty samples of homemade preserves (plum or raspberry chipotle is my current fave), smiling people and super fresh vegetables and fruits.

Now is definitely the time to buy those succulent melons – water, cantaloupe, honey dew, Crenshaw…

Super Simple with Terri OThis baby shower centerpiece can be created a day ahead of time. However, put the fruit in just before serving. The buggy may leak, so put something beneath. Note: When I made the fruit salad buggy, I knew the gender to be a girl, but for a boy a watermelon race car flames painted on the sides instead of the ruffle would be fun. The whole project takes about an hour.

Have a simply marvelous day!


Materials Needed:

4 Granny Smith apples (or 2 grapefruit, halved)
4 10-inch wooden skewers
Cut fruit — watermelon, cantaloupe, pineapple, strawberries, grapes, etc.
Masking tape
Glue gun

Step 1:

Using masking tape, tape off part of watermelon to be cut to form the shape of a buggy. Using tape as a guide, cut off that section and save to be diced for salad contents.

Step 2:

Scoop out rest of melon with a melon baller or cut out and dice for salad.

Step 3:

Shape excess rind into handle. Cut lace to fit across hood and thumbtack to sides.

Step 4:

Put skewers through watermelon shell to form axles of wheels. Stick apples onto ends of skewers.

Step 5:

Place handle at one end of buggy and return cut watermelon and other fruit to the cavity of the melon.


Stars and Stripe T-shirts and Guest Soaps

The day Americans celebrate freedom is midweek this year. For those of you celebrating your freedom at home, here’s a pre-party project for your bathroom plus one you can have super quick fun project an older teen can help the younger kids make.

Are there red white and blue towels in your bathroom this Fourth of July? How about white daisies and red carnations in a blue vase beside the sink? Well, you need soap for your Independence Day guests.

It’s pretty simple to make those pretty glycerin soaps with different colored shapes inside when you know how!

super simple with terri oScented Glycerin Soap

Materials Needed:

Glycerin soap
Large soap molds
Small soap molds
Small paintbrush
Soap fragranceSoap colorant
Spray bottle filled with alcohol

Step 1:

In a microwave-safe bowl, melt a small amount of glycerin soap in microwave for approximately 1 minute; add soap colorant.

Step 2:

Carefully pour soap into small mold, making certain to fill mold to the top. Spray with alcohol to get rid of any bubbles, then place in freezer for approximately 10 to 15 minutes.

Step 3:

Remove soap from molds and allow them to come to room temperature.

Step 4:

Using soap colorant, paint your small molds, then allow them to dry overnight.

Step 5:

Melt remaining glycerin soap in a medium-sized bowl for approximately 1 minute, or as needed, being careful not to burn the soap.

Step 6:

Add fragrance to melted soap. Note: A little goes a long way.

Step 7:

Carefully pour a small amount of soap into large mold; spray with alcohol to get rid of any bubbles, then place in freezer for approximately 2 minutes.

Step 8:

Place small soap pieces into the center of the large soap mold; spray with alcohol.

Step 9:

Heat remaining unused glycerin soap until just liquid. Make certain the soap won’t melt the small insert, then pour soap to the top of the large mold, spray with alcohol, then freeze 10 to 15 minutes.

Step 10:

Remove soap from molds, smooth sides of soap bars by rubbing sides, then trim as needed.

The kids will need supervision on this next one, but it goes pretty fast depending on how many little ones are celebrating.

terri oFabric Transfers

Materials Needed:

Crayola fabric crayons
Few sheets of white typing or copier paper
T-shirt, cloth bag or fabric item of your choice
Ironing cloth (optional)

Step 1:

Draw a picture or design on piece of paper. Remember, when you iron it on, it will be reversed. So, the design should look as it would in a mirror. (For example, the “S” in the Superman symbol would look backwards to you unless you held it up in a mirror.)

Step 2:

After finishing your drawing, brush off any excess crayon. Then, place the picture face down in the spot where you want to transfer the image.

Step 3:

Use an ironing cloth or an extra sheet of paper between the iron and picture so your iron isn’t damaged by the crayons.

Step 4:

Set iron on cotton setting and no steam. Put iron down over a portion of the fabric. Let sit for a couple seconds, lift and move to another spot. Do not rub back and forth with iron; it will smear image.

Step 5:

You can lift up the corners of your paper to see if your image has transferred, being careful not to shift paper. The design will also begin to show through the paper once it’s ironed.

Helpful Hints:

The colors become more vibrant once they are ironed onto fabric.

Have fun!

Remember to thank a veteran or someone in ser