Brewed with Love – A Tea Across the Miles (or closer to home) Craft

tea-supersimplewith-TerriOTea blending is easy.

Go to your local health or whole foods store, find the jars of loose leaf teas, then let your eyes and nose get to crafting your perfect blends.

Chai blends well with citrus.

You might like the lovely scent of jasmine with green tea.

How about Rooibos and pomegranate with hints of apples and lemons?

Passionflower with chamomile is calming.

Oolong and white aid weightloss.

Black tea with ginger could make your breath smell sweet while getting rid of your headache.

Green tea with mint leaves and natural chocolate flavor might be just the thing for Valentine’s Day.

However you blend your tea, when you want to share it, here is a super simple way to wrap it up pretty like the photo above.

You’ll need: a tea bag filled loose leaf tea blend, cut about a 4 x 1 inch length of paper, a 1.5 x 1 inch piece of contrasting paper, and a piece of white paper to go inside the small rectangle.

1. Write a saying.

2. Glue the saying as pictured and tape the back.


Do you have a friend you miss? I think tea and a pretty antique cup might be a lovely gift to send. The two of you two can set a time and sip together over a Skype call as you chat.



Use Shimmering Vases to Create Ambience in a Room

Terri_O_makes_antique_looking_vasesThese vases take just moments to create and they glow beautifully!

This project is perfect to create some ambiance for any occasion. The technique I am using is to give the glass an antique look. It’s super simple and you can create any color you like.
IKEA offers many sizes and styles of glass vases. I choose three different heights.

Glass vases:
Large Cylinder skew # 602-233-28
Medium vase (Bladet ) skew # 301-221-99
Small vase (Bladet) skew  #601-505-31
Small push lights skew # 802-448-67

In order to create the antique look you will need:
1 part vinegar 3 parts water in a spray bottle
For paint I used Krylon Looking glass for silver mirror look and gold

To create the antique look:
1.    First clean the inside to remove dust.
2.    Lightly spritz inside of vase then quickly spray paint the inside. Be careful to not over spray. Less is better! Let dry.
3.    Place push lights at the bottom of the vase. Enjoy!

Watch the how-to video on Sonoran Living.


Elegant Simple Floating Candle and Flower Centerpiece

Super Simple with Terri O centerpieceFloating candles add an element of elegance to your table.

Place cut flowers, just the tops–leaves will make your water turn icky quite quickly, from your garden in 3 vases of varying heights. Add water and a floating candle to each.

If you have a mirror you can place the vases on the reflection is divine.

I used roses, gardenias and petunias.

The centerpiece will last just a couple of days.

Super Simple loveliness for a Mother’s Day Brunch!

Sunny Easter Bunny Craft in about an Hour

Here is another Easter Bunny craft that uses a terra cotta pot:

Super Simple with Terri O Easter

You need paints in yellow, white, orange and pink. I used Painters Paint Pens for the orange squares on the inside of the dish and pink for the bunny nose..

A black Sharpie for the eyes and mouth

Small straw hat with a daisy

and for the ears: Scraps of cloth cut and wire


1. Paint your pot and base. Let dry and then glue head to dish with E6000.

2. Bend two wire coat hangers( or simply use craft wire) in the shape of ears.

3. Take your craps of cloth, cut int two ear shapes and glue or sew onto the wire forms.

4. Glue on hat, flower and ears.

Fill with candy and you have a sweet hostess gift!

Easter Egg Topiary Tree and Candy Dish

This holiday home decor item does double duty!

Super Simple with Terri O EASTER

Materials Needed:

10-inch terra cotta saucer
4-inch terra cotta pot
1 5-inch styrofoam egg
70 medium-sized paper roses
Paint, any colors
1 can Folk Art High Shine Glaze
1 wood dowel, cut to desired length
1 small bumble bee decoration
E6000 glue
Shredded paper, any color
White glue
Ribbon, as desired

Step 1:

Paint terra cotta saucer and pot desired color. Once dry, glaze with high shine glaze.

Step 2:

Using E6000 glue, glue bottom of pot to saucer.

Step 3:

Use E6000 glue to secure Superfoam in bottom of pot.

Step 4:

Insert dowel into styrofoam egg; permanently attach with E6000 glue. Insert bare end into pot.

Step 5:

Dip rose stems in white glue. Insert stem into styrofoam egg. Repeat process until styrofoam is completely covered.

Step 6:

Use E6000 glue to attach bumble bee decoration.

Step 7:

Tie ribbon into a bow; place on “trunk” of tree.

Stacked Veggie Vase

vegerable centerpieceThis is a super simple centerpiece that is sure to get you marks for cleverness!

As shown, you will need:
Brussels sprouts, mini carrots, radishes, flowers, vase w/water

Most any vegetables will work, but think about using bright colors.

Simply add flowers and water. 

Remember! This centerpiece will only last about a day!

Repurpose an old cupboard door into a party platter

cheese board diyI love chalkboard paint. It can turn so many old, outdated items into fun and functional art for you home. Chalkboard paint can come in a variety of colors so don’t feel like you have to use black. Use a color that compliments your home.

I found my old doors at Stardust building supply for $4 each. The door handles were 50 cents each.

1. Clean and sand the doors. Fill in any holes left over from other handles or knobs.
2. Attach your new handles.
3. Paint your chalkboard paint letting dry between coats.
4. Add bumpers to the bottom to protect your counter top.
5. Embellish with wood, left over jewelry or anything you love.
6. Follow the directions on the chalk paint container to “season” your board.
I used chalkboard paint pens vs. chalk. I really don’t like the powder residue near my food from chalk. Speaking of food, the chalkboard paint is not food grade. Be sure to add paper under your food to be safe.

Tips for Sexy Drinks to Share with the One You Love

Oh la la! It is Valentine’s Day! Are you making a special meal for your sweetheart this evening?  Here is a ménage à trois of drink ideas to enhance the party!

sexy valentine's drinksWine and Chocolate

Box of chocolates

Decorative icing in variety of colors


Something to decorate the skewer with

1.       It’s best to put the box of candy in the refrigerator before piercing with the skewer.

2.       2. Decorate the candy after you skewered it.

3.       Lay across your wine glass and give it to your sweetheart.

Champagne and Strawberries

Cut out heart shapes from your strawberries and freeze them. Add them to your sparkling cider or champagne before serving.

Strawberry Roses

Candy Melts in pink: follow directions for melting

Sparkle gel in red



Something to hold them so they can set, I used a Styrofoam block

1.       Clean and dry strawberries. It is important to make sure they are not wet otherwise the candy will not stick or it will look clumpy.

2.       Insert a skewer into the strawberry so the leaves are at the bottom and dip the berry into the melted candy.

3.       Let set then decorate with red sparkle gel.

I am making these drinks to impress a sweetheart on Sonoran Living.

3 DIY gifts, all under $20 bucks!

Here are three projects for DIY gift giving that are really super simple and fun to make.

All under 20 bucks!

Make ’em, wrap ’em and put them under the tree or bring a smile to the face of your favorite holiday party thrower.


DIY Coasters Terri O
I used a kids craft product to make coasters. They are called Pearler Beads and you can find them at the craft store.
Here is a link to other bead projects on You Tube:


DIY Gifts Terri O

DIY Gifts Terri O

I made a cheese tray out of a leftover piece of marble tile.

This DIY project is so super simple yet very elegant. In no time at all you can have a handy serving tray to use or give as a gift. The best part is that you can make it as a holiday gift for less than $10.00!

Watch me and my husband make this awesome tray.

Supplies and Instructions:

  • Drill
  • Glass & tile drill bit
  • Marble 12×12
  • Measuring tape
  • Water
  • Drawer handles
  • Shorter screws for handle
  • Bumpers
  1. Place some painters tape on the tile where you want your handles to go, approximately one inch from the edge. Find the center of the tile and mark it with a pencil on the tape.
  2. Measure the distance of the holes in your drawer handle, divide that by two. Measure that distance from the center on each side and mark it. (In other words the distance to the holes in your handle should be equal on both sides from the center).
  3. Place your tile on a surface that has some give. We set ours on a pizza box.
  4. Drill your hole on a lower speed. Add water to keep your drill bit cool. Keep adding water as the dust from the drill turns to paste.
  5. You may need shorter screws to attach the handles. We replaced the screws in the package with 5/8” long screws.
  6. Attach handles to the tile and add a bumper to each corner.

Here is the video How To!


DIY Gifts Terri O
I embellished store bought candles using upholstery studs.
· Candles
· Upholstery nails in various sizes
· Pattern
1. Make your own pattern using a ruler for spacing. Be sure to space the holes far enough apart so that the nails will fit.
2. Lay your pattern over the candle and poke holes in the candle for your pattern. I unfolded a large paper clip as a tool.
3. Push the nails into the candle.
4. Be sure to never leave your candles unattended.

Pretty Pumpkin Topiary to decorate your doorway

Fall craft Terri O

This is a lovely fall decor project you can make in October and leave up for a couple of months.

Craft Supplies:

Urn or pot to put your pumpkins in/on
3 pumpkins for each urn, large, medium and small
Fall foliage
Faux moss or grass or filler of your choice
Glue gun
Large stick or dowel
Something heavy to place in the bottom of your container ie; rocks, sand
Heavy duty craft knife
Thick foam
Grape vine wreath large & small
Foam core

Project Instructions:

Cut holes in the bottom and top of the large and medium pumpkin.
Cut a hole in the bottom of the small pumpkin.
Anchor foam at the bottom of pot.
Anchor foam at the top of the pot.
Cut a piece of foam core to fit over top of urn. Cut a hole in the center.
Insert dowel and place in the foam at bottom of urn, place another piece of foam at the top of the urn but inside.
Glue a ring of moss to the outside of the foam core.
Place the foam core on top of urn with dowel sticking out.
Glue large pumpkin to foam core.
Adorn large and small wreath with foliage. Glue if you need to.
Place large wreath on top of large pumpkin. I put mine at a slight angle.
Glue medium pumpkin to large pumpkin. Place small wreath on top. Again I put mine at a slight angle.
Glue small pumpkin to medium pumpkin.


Buy a pretty urn or pot
Don’t skimp on foliage
Buy good pumpkins
Be sure to get the matted moss and not cut moss
If you want it to last forever use e-6000 glue, if not a glue gun will work but won’t last
You can get creative add ribbon or embellish with Halloween or Fall bling

If you would like to see how super simple it is to make, click here.