Age a Wheelbarrow

Need to age a wheel barrow for a planter and can’t find one at a yard sale or vintage shop?

Here’s how you do it!

Super Simple with Terri O

Materials Needed:

Brand-new metal wheelbarrow
Synthetic bristle paintbrush
#80 grit sandpaper or block
Modern Options Primo Primer
Modern Options Iron Metallic Surfacer (dark gray)
Modern Options Iron Metallic Surfacer (rusting solution)
Stripper (for wooden handles)
Gray stain (for handles)
Grinding wheel (to de-nub tire)
McCloskey’s Aging Glaze Asphatum (used to make color uneven)
Newpaper (to protect work surface)

Step 1:

Take wheelbarrow apart (remove tire, handlebars, etc.)

Step 2:

Lightly sand metal portion of wheelbarrow. Apply two coats of primer (using a disposable brush).

Step 3:

Apply one coat of the metallic surfacer in dark gray. Let dry 2 hours. Apply a second coat. Let cure for 24 hours. (Don’t forget the tire! Use the grinding wheel to “de-nub” the tire to make it look a little more worn.)

Step 4:

Now it’s time for the rusting solution. Apply a generous coat, using downward strokes. You should see the metal start to “age” within about 10 minutes. For a more rustic look, apply a second “overlap” coat.

Step 5:

If you’d like to age the handles as well, strip the varnish off the wood and stain with a dark gray stainer. Apply aging gel over that.

Sunny Easter Bunny Craft in about an Hour

Here is another Easter Bunny craft that uses a terra cotta pot:

Super Simple with Terri O Easter

You need paints in yellow, white, orange and pink. I used Painters Paint Pens for the orange squares on the inside of the dish and pink for the bunny nose..

A black Sharpie for the eyes and mouth

Small straw hat with a daisy

and for the ears: Scraps of cloth cut and wire


1. Paint your pot and base. Let dry and then glue head to dish with E6000.

2. Bend two wire coat hangers( or simply use craft wire) in the shape of ears.

3. Take your craps of cloth, cut int two ear shapes and glue or sew onto the wire forms.

4. Glue on hat, flower and ears.

Fill with candy and you have a sweet hostess gift!

Happy Spring Duck Sign

You need to be able to draw simple shapes to craft this project: Half an egg, a banner and a ducks head and eyes.

Here is the duck bill: (right click to download)

duck bill

Materials Needed:

Fun Foam, white, yellow, orange, magenta, light green and light blue
Dimensional paints, shiny mint green, shiny yellow, shiny black, pearlescent pink, pearlescent white
Tracing paper
1 10-inch wire
2 5-inch wires

Step 1:Super Simple with Terri O

Trace, transfer and cut out the pieces from the indicated foam colors (See pattern).

Step 2:

Use a pen to outline the duck, bill, egg, flowers, leaves and banner.

Step 3:

Use black paint to dot the eyes. Use pink paint to dot the flower centers, outline and detail the bow and draw the banner flower. Use green paint to letter “HaPpY SpRiNG” on the banner. Use yellow paint to dot the banner flower center. Use white paint to decorate the banner with dots. Add a tiny white dot in the yellow flower center. Let dry.

Step 4:

Glue the egg and bill to the duck. Glue the bow to the egg top.

Step 5:

Glue the flowers in a cluster in the egg center with three leaves on each side.

Step 6:

Use the 10-inch wire to make a wire hanger from end to end of the banner top. Use the 5-inch wires to attach the top bow corners to the lower banner corners.

Stationery for a Writer

Hi! Carol here, Terri’s assistant.

I saw a card similar to this on Pinterest and decided to deconstruct it. (I actually think the maker drew her typewriter but the only thing I can competently draw is a stick pig, so I had to find a rubber stamp.)

Typewriter Card Terri O

To make this card your will need:

Terri OA dictionary you no longer want. (As a bibliophile, tearing apart a book,even to craft with, is not a natural act!)

Rubber stamps: Typewriter and Keys (I found mine on ebay.)

StazOn Inks: Claret and Midnight Blue




Glue or Photo Splits (The splits were handier.)



Tear out your book page and measure to 4.5 inches by 5.5 inches. If you are using a paperback, the width is already 4.5″

Stamp your image onto the paper.

Terri O super simple card

Tip: I think the typewriter I stamped using an acrylic block on the back turned out better.

Stamp on your typewriter keys.

stamping with acrylic blocks Terri O

Use your ink pads to distress the edges of the dictionary paper.

Super Simple with Terri O



Adhere your paper to cardstock.

Tie on a ribbon.

Viola! Typewriter card.

I like how they turned out so much, I have just 46 more to make for a convention I am headed to next week.

“Marbelous” Easter Tree

I am sure Peter Cottontail would love to romp through a forest of these trees, but I think we’ll make just one.

easter tree terri oMaterials Needed:

3 to 5 bottles Delta Ceramcoat acrylic paint in pastel Easter colors
Delta  glue
12 2-part clear plastic eggs
Wire tree or manzanita branch with base
Iridescent grass
1 to 2 yards cording or ribbon
20 to 30 small silk pastel flowers

Step 1:

Wash the inside of each egg in a mixture of 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water. Let dry.

Step 2:

Use newspapers or paper towels to protect your work surface. Begin with 1/2 of 1 plastic egg. Select 1 color of paint and squeeze a small amount down the side, forming a stripe or circle of paint. Repeat this procedure with 1 or 2 of the remaining bottles of paint until a total of 6 to 8 strips are formed. Note: Not all of the ornament will be covered at this time.

Step 3:

Snap on the other half of the painted egg to form 1 whole egg. Place the egg on a paper cup or egg carton. Rotate the egg a quarter turn every 5 to 10 minutes until the entire inside of the egg is coated. Continue to rotate the egg every 30 minutes for the next couple hours. The marbleized effects will change with every turn.

Marbleized Egg Terri OStep 4:

When you have achieved your desired look, unsnap the egg ornament and carefully drain out any excess paint. Allow both halves to dry before reassembling.

Step 5:

Reassemble egg (You may want to glue it shut at this point.) and attach a piece of ribbon or cording to complete your Easter egg ornament.

Step 6:

Repeat above instructions until all 12 eggs are complete.

Step 7:

For Easter tree, decorate tree as desired using pastel flowers and/or ribbons. Attach using Delta Velverette glue and let dry.

Step 8:

Assemble iridescent grass around base of tree.

Step 9:

Hang completed Easter egg ornaments on tree.

Windsock Bunny DIY in 30 minutes

Rabbits, bunnies, and hares, oh my! Whatever you call them, they are awfully cute.

And they can run at speeds up to 18 mph. That might be a bit windy for this sock, so put it where the breezes blow.

Perfect for Easter and spring!

Materials Needed:Terri O bunny wind sock

1 sheet light pink fibre craft foam
1 sheet white fibre craft foam
Westrim Fun Foam, blue, orange and black
3 pink pipe cleaners
2 1-inch white pompoms
Pink and white crepe paper
Aleene’s tacky glue
1-1/2 inch button
1 yard string, yarn or ribbon, for hanger
Hole punch

Step 1:

Cut blue foam in half lengthwise to ensure straight cuts.

Step 2:

Cut out white headpiece and place head about halfway over 1 blue strip; glue to secure.

Step 3:

Trace 2 ears onto pink foam, cut out and glue to front side of each white ear.

Step 4:

Hold 3 pink pipe cleaners together and twist in middle to form whiskers. Staple twisted area of whiskers to lower half of white head piece, centered between ears.

Step 5:

Trace nose onto orange foam, cut out and glue to center of whiskers. Trace eye pattern twice onto black foam, cut out and glue above nose.

Step 6:

Glue 2 pompoms right next to each other under nose.

Step 7:

Trace bow tie pattern onto pink foam, cut out and glue to center of blue foam beneath face. Glue button to center of bow tie.

Step 8:

Cut 6 pink and 6 white 1-yard lengths of crepe paper. Alternating colors, glue to bottom edge of blue foam on reverse side.

Step 9:

Wrap blue and white foam around to form a tube; staple edges together to secure.

Step 10:

Punch a hole on each side of bunny head at top, just behind ears, about 1/4 inch down. Tie ends of string, yarn or ribbon through holes for a hanger. If desired, when ears have dried, curl them forward around finger to shape.

Easter Egg Topiary Tree and Candy Dish

This holiday home decor item does double duty!

Super Simple with Terri O EASTER

Materials Needed:

10-inch terra cotta saucer
4-inch terra cotta pot
1 5-inch styrofoam egg
70 medium-sized paper roses
Paint, any colors
1 can Folk Art High Shine Glaze
1 wood dowel, cut to desired length
1 small bumble bee decoration
E6000 glue
Shredded paper, any color
White glue
Ribbon, as desired

Step 1:

Paint terra cotta saucer and pot desired color. Once dry, glaze with high shine glaze.

Step 2:

Using E6000 glue, glue bottom of pot to saucer.

Step 3:

Use E6000 glue to secure Superfoam in bottom of pot.

Step 4:

Insert dowel into styrofoam egg; permanently attach with E6000 glue. Insert bare end into pot.

Step 5:

Dip rose stems in white glue. Insert stem into styrofoam egg. Repeat process until styrofoam is completely covered.

Step 6:

Use E6000 glue to attach bumble bee decoration.

Step 7:

Tie ribbon into a bow; place on “trunk” of tree.

Super Simple Shelf with Painters Paint Markers

Like to color?

Terri O uses Painters Paint MarkersCan you use a shape template or draw a little freehand?

Painters marker Super SimpleI found this shelf at a yard sale for a $1 and I had these Painters Paint Markers in lovely spring colors: lilac, ocean, tangerine,citron, and coral. The set is called Sherbet Swirl.

Let’s get started!

You will need Painters, scratch paper and whatever you are decorating.

You may also need shaped templates.

To get the pens started, shake well and then press the tip down onto your scratch paper for about 8 to 10 seconds until the ink fills the tip.

Now you are ready to paint.

Tip: Remember this is wet paint, so if you are using a template, do not drag the template through an image you already painted.

It took about 20 minutes  for the paint to dry.

Now I just have to figure out where to hand this cute shelf.

Super Simple Painted Shelf




Flower Petal Vanity Lights

super simple flower bulb

Materials Needed:

Aluminum roll flashing
Acrylic paint
Cutting board
Utility knife
Metal primer (Rust Oleum)
High-heat enamel spray paint
Flower petal pattern (you trace)
* 3 or 5 bulb vanity light bar

Step 1:

Use your petal pattern and trace design over flashing material.  Use scissors to cut out pattern, and utility knife to cut hole in center of flower. You may need to cut the hole larger, depending on the size of your bulb fixtures.

Step 2:

Paint flower flashing cutouts using primer and paints. We used yellows, whites and oranges for our bathroom. Follow directions on bottle and cans. Let dry.

Step 3:

You’re ready to install your petals. SAFETY TIP: Turn off light before installing. To be extra safe (and considering you can still see) shut off your circuit breakers. Make certain there is a metal or plastic barrier ring between your petal design and your light socket. DO NOT LET FLASHING TOUCH ELECTRIC PORTION OF THE FIXTURE, OR THE LIGHT BULB DIRECTLY.

Helpful Hints:

Materials available at craft and home improvement stores.

Stacked Veggie Vase

vegerable centerpieceThis is a super simple centerpiece that is sure to get you marks for cleverness!

As shown, you will need:
Brussels sprouts, mini carrots, radishes, flowers, vase w/water

Most any vegetables will work, but think about using bright colors.

Simply add flowers and water. 

Remember! This centerpiece will only last about a day!