About Terri O

Terri Ouellette, known to her fans as Terri O, is a Home Arts and Celebrity Craft Expert and two-time Emmy Award winning TV personality. A former newscaster, Terri uses her TV skills to show ANYONE how they can be creative with just about ANYTHING!

As the creator of Terri O’s Super Simple™ – a series of DVD’s, and a weekly TV show on PBS, Terri’s philosophy has always been, keep it simple so you can get it done!

As a home arts expert, Terri O shares her passion for creativity through her websites www.terriocraftprojects.com and www.supersimplewithterrio.com her monthly newsletter, blog, and television appearances across the country. On the websites you’ll find “how-to” segments that feature easy to follow projects, useful new tools, quick craft tips, 101 techniques, recycling tips, recipes, fashion tips and fitness.

Terri O built her career off the number one independent morning show in the country “Good Morning Arizona” while working as a news anchor and feature reporter. There Terri created and produced “Home with Terri O” for which she earned her first Emmy. After news Terri co-founded Epiphany Productions to host and produce “On the Go with Terri O” for which she earned her second Emmy.

Since 2001 the Craft & Hobby Association has chosen Terri O to inspire America. She lends her expertise as an expert in upcoming trends as well as consumer needs.

Terri O has been a featured guest on “The Early Show”, the Discovery Channel, HGTV, TLC, PBS and host of “Crafting with Terri O” on QVC. Terri continues to write articles, contribute projects for newspapers and magazines, live TV segments and media tours. She is the co-author of the book, Terri O’s Easy Embellishing, Sterling Publications.