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Don’t be afraid to doodle! Photo Postcard Craft

Ah ’tis St. Paddy’s own day around the corner. I’ve the Wicked Tinkers playing bagpipes in the background and I’m doodling on pictures that will become simple, silly post cards I’ll mail across the miles.

You only need a few items:

4×6 inch photos and post card stamp (34 cents as of March 2015)


Painters Paint Pens and Bic Mark It Markers — they were in reach in the pen jar on my desk 🙂


“The only thing worse in life than being talked about and that is not being talked about.” Oscar Wilde

Just doodle and have fun!

Hmm… looking at it on screen I may add a necklace to my gypsy…. and a bracelet bangle, but I am sure as I will wear green on March 17 that you get the idea.

This angel would work with a birthday sentiment too!







You Can Turn a Wooden Bowl into a Work of Art with a Single Craft Tool



IKEA Bamboo bowl sku # 602.143.43


Wood burning tool available at most craft stores (such as this one from Plaid – they usually come with several tips and you may also purchase stencils to trace your own designs

wood burning kit


tracing paper

Optional: Makers to color the outside.

Tips to wood burning:

1. First practice, practice, practice. Use a piece of throw away wood to try out all the different tips and see what they can do.

2. If you are not comfortable with burning directly onto the wood then trace or draw your design onto the wood.

3. If you are burning onto wood on the outside of a piece, you may decide to put a clear varnish over it to protect it.

Click here to see how the different tips of the wood burning tool work.

What kind of decoration will you put on your bowl and who will you show it off to first?

Fresh Flower Arranging Made Super Simple

Arrange your cut flowers with this delightful new vase (as featured on SimpleSteals).


Click here to see the arrangement!

I love the idea of beautiful fresh flowers growing in my home, especially for holidays such as Valentine’s and Easter. This idea came to me after checking out Pinterest.




Glass beads or rocks


Terri’s tips:

  1. First make sure you check your water level daily.
  2. I found that I had to clean out the vase occasionally. It got kind of smelly and slimy. It’s easy to do.
  3. If your bulbs don’t sprout after a week or so check to see they may not. Just pull them and add new ones.
  4. If your blubs are growing to grow tall make sure your vase is tall enough to support them. I actually started mine in a smaller container then once they sprouted I moved them to a larger one.
preserve special flowers TerriO

How to Dry Your Own Flowers and Have DIY Materials On-Hand for Crafting


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Laundry Soap and Fabric Softener

Today’s Simple Steals is a special one because we’re here to show you how you can save some money by making your own cleaning supplies at home! And, you’re helping the planet by not buying more of those plastic bottles!

Today’s Steals:
DIY Laundry Soap:
1 cup of super washing soda
1 cup of borax
4.5 ounces or 1 bar of soap like Zote

boraxNow if you don’t want to spend the time grading the bar soap you can buy it graded in the box. It costs a little more but totally worth the time! Pour it all in a nice big jar and mix it up. Put one heaping table spoon in your laundry, and you’re good to go.

DIY Fabric Softener:
Buying the store bought brand can cost you about 17 cents per load but get this, try putting vinegar in the rinse cycle, it’s only going to cost you about 2 cents per load!

Want to know how easy it is to make your own dryer sheets and dish detergent? Check out the Simple Steals Facebook page.

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Serve Your Love a Heart-Shaped Meal on Valentine’s Day


Going shopping this weekend?

You may need to add to your list:





or you could make jam… here’s how I did it.

Two slices of bacon, 2 slices of bread, an egg, 2 big strawberries, jam and a heart-shaped cookie cutter are all you need to make this tasty, savory, and sweet breakfast plate for the one who makes your heart go thump-thump!

BACON: Lay a strip of bacon in the shape of a heart in your frying pan. Use a spatula to turn the slice over when it is done on one side.

STRAWBERRY ROSE: Use a sharp paring knife to slice small strawberry petals in several rows, starting from the base of a washed and dried strawberry. Use the knife to gently bend the petals outward.

EGG in TOAST: Use a cookie cutter to cut a heart out of the center of a slice of bread. Melt butter in a frying pan. Place your bread in the pan and toast lightly on one side. Turn it over. Crack an egg in the middle (or scramble the egg first before you pour) of the bread slice. Cook until done.

HEART with JAM: Spread your favorite berry  jam on the bread heart you cut out of the above.

Click here to craft your love a card to go with breakfast.


Kiss Me – I Love You – Be Mine: Here’s how to craft a Valentine


Kiss Me – I Love You – Be Mine

Here’s how to craft a Valentine

Card for the one that you adore

To tell him forever, “I love you”

and a whole lot more!

Card materials and supplies:

Scrapbook paper: white and 2 complementary papers with patterns

Embellishments such as colored paste-on rhinestones, punch out paper curlie Qs, heart buttons in different sizes, red or pink stamp pad, red sting or thin ribbon, and Valentine-themed tickets


Scissors, craft glue sick and glue dots, corner rounder, and a hole punch.

Card instructions:

Watch how easy it is to make this card with a Xyron or you can do it this way:

1. Cut white paper, fold in half, distress edges with ink.

2. Crop your picture.

3. Cut one of the patterned papers smaller than the card and 2 pieces of the other patterned paper small enough to fit a bit bigger than your photo.

4. Glue papers, photo and embellishments as shown in the photo above.

Click here for recipes to cook your love breakfast to go with the card.

Watch this segment of Sonoran Living.

Brewed with Love – A Tea Across the Miles (or closer to home) Craft

tea-supersimplewith-TerriOTea blending is easy.

Go to your local health or whole foods store, find the jars of loose leaf teas, then let your eyes and nose get to crafting your perfect blends.

Chai blends well with citrus.

You might like the lovely scent of jasmine with green tea.

How about Rooibos and pomegranate with hints of apples and lemons?

Passionflower with chamomile is calming.

Oolong and white aid weightloss.

Black tea with ginger could make your breath smell sweet while getting rid of your headache.

Green tea with mint leaves and natural chocolate flavor might be just the thing for Valentine’s Day.

However you blend your tea, when you want to share it, here is a super simple way to wrap it up pretty like the photo above.

You’ll need: a tea bag filled loose leaf tea blend, cut about a 4 x 1 inch length of paper, a 1.5 x 1 inch piece of contrasting paper, and a piece of white paper to go inside the small rectangle.

1. Write a saying.

2. Glue the saying as pictured and tape the back.


Do you have a friend you miss? I think tea and a pretty antique cup might be a lovely gift to send. The two of you two can set a time and sip together over a Skype call as you chat.



Little Hands Big Hearts Canvas Valentine Kids Can Make for Grandparents and other Important Loved Ones

Try_this_homemade_Valentine_s_Day_projec_2535530000_13020515_ver1.0_640_480I was inspired with this project from Pinterest. It’s so easy and fun to make. One important tip…preparation is everything with this project!

Acrylic paint
Sponge brushes
Wet rag
Paper plate
Kids J

Make sure you place something under the canvas to support it before you do the handprints. Also have everything ready before you bring the kids in. It’s hard to wrangle kids with wet paint on their hands!

Once the paint dries draw a heart around their prints and write a little message!