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Graduation gifts “Money Bouquet” & “Money Roll”

graduation money gift

“Money Bouquet”

I used $50 in $5’s to make my bouquet.


Flower pot

Floral foam or Styrofoam

Floral wire and/or green pipe cleaner

Wire cutters

Grass or shredded paper to cover floral foam


Floral pick to hold card or tag

Silk leaves


1.      Fold bills into an accordion long ways then fold in half.

2.      Wrap floral wire around the center of two bills and un-fan them. Make sure you leave a long stem. You can always cut them down later once you start to arrange.

3.      Place floral foam inside flower pot. Push it in so it’s snug. Arrange your flowers to your liking bending and twisting the wire so you can see all the flowers.

4.      Cover foam with shredded grass and insert pick to hold tag.

I think these might be fun gifts for someone’s birthday or a new bride and groom!

crafty way to gift money

“Money Roll”

I used 50 $1 bills.


Translucent tape


Small tissue box decorated


1.      Tape each bill together length wise. Tape some tissue to the first bill in the money roll.

2.      Carefully pull apart the bottom of the tissue box and insert the money roll.  Carefully push the tissue out the top and glue closed.

3.      Decorate the tissue box with ribbon and stickers.

Handprint Mother’s Day Canvas and Acordian Card

Mom will love to get one of these projects for Mother’s Day! Especially since it includes the hands of the little ones she loves so much.


Handprint Canvas

Supply List:

  • 1 good quality canvas. I used a 12 x 12 for two kids. If you have more than two kids you might want to consider buying a larger size.
  • Scrapbook paper with patterns on both sides. Try to stick with one theme or grouping to keep all your colors and patterns consistent.
  • Adhesive runner or glue.
  • Permanent markers
  • Handprints for a template

Instructions & Tips:

  1. Trace and cut out each child’s handprint. Cut out two prints for each child.
  2. Have kids write their message along the top before you glue the handprints.
  3. Place and glue the handprints to look like flowers.
  4. Draw the stems and leaves to each flower. You can even have each child write their name and date.

Handprint Card

  • Using heavy cardstock cut out two handprints. Write on the top handprint “I Love you” and lay them open.
  • Cut a strip of cardstock about 1 inch wide and fold like an accordion. Open accordion and write “this much”. Glue each end to the inside of each hand.
  • Tie the hands together with a ribbon.

You can watch me make this project on Sonoran Living.


Tips for using your rubber stamps

Stampendous stamps and StazOn InkFor those of you new to rubber stamping, here are a few simple tips:

Pull your stamp carefully off of the plastic they come on from the manufacturer so that you do not tear the slightly stretchy plastic.

super simple with terri o

Acrylic blocks are great for giving you a purchase and place to put even pressure when stamping.

super simple crafts with terri o

The cardstock in this photo is grainy, so pressing the stamp firmly is doubly important. So is a completely flat surface!

If your table has a bit of a dip in it, you can place a magazine underneath the paper you are stamping on.

super simple with terri o

Keep your stamps flat in a dust free drawer or container.

You can use stamp cleaner, baby wipes, or soap and water to clean dried ink out of your stamps. (Dried ink can clog up the stamps details.)

The stamps I used came from Stampendous.

The inks are the new StazOn Minis from Imagine Crafts. I used Spiced Chai and Gothic Purple, but they have lots of really lovely jewel-tone colors in these minis.

Want to learn more and make cards of your own?  I bet if you look around your retail neighborhood you may just find a nifty craft store that has make and take cards or card classes. Jut be warned! Making cards is addictive. Once you start to make cards you will learn techniques that apply to your scrapbook, mixed media, and all kinds of art skills.

Well, what are you waiting for?

put on your corset



Simply Beautiful Faux Raku Vase to Make

Terri Ouelette simple raku vase

Isn’t this stunning? I made these vases and so can you!

My hats are off to potters who mold clay and hand-fire in raku style, but I do love the simplicity of this technique to get a similar effect with the copper and eggplant hues.

Are you ready?

Good, let’s get started!

Materials Needed:

Block of black Premo clay (made by Sculpey)
Wax or cardboard paper
Various shades of Pearl Ex
Hand-crank pasta maker (DO NOT use machine to make pasta after working with Sculpey clay!)
Glass vase
Plastic knife
Fine-grit sandpaper

Step 1:

Slice a thin piece of Sculpey clay and feed through pasta machine. This should give you a nice, flat piece of clay to work with.

Step 2:

Pour out a small amount of Pearl Ex powder onto working space. Use your fingers and spread one color (or several) at a time over your black clay. The more colors you use, the prettier your piece will be! Overlap colors — get creative!

Step 3:

Once your clay is pretty well coated, you can start ripping small sections off and place them onto your vase. Leave jagged edges; overlap your clay — whatever helps give it texture. Repeat until vase is completely covered. (You may also want to cover the inside lip of the vase as well.)

Step 4:

For additional texture, use a piece of fine-grit sandpaper and go around your vase, gently pressing your clay down.

Step 5:

Place vase on a cookie sheet and bake according to directions.