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DIY glam for spring training games

terri o spring training fan apparel

I looked up logos under images for my favorite teams. There are tons to choose from. I used them as templates, patterns or even inspiration. One important tip, before you decorate any new t-shirt is sure to pre-wash it. Do not add fabric softener!!

Supplies to make your shirt & hat dazzle:


Foam hat

Permanent markers

Iron on letters, numbers & paper


I show you how Super Simple it is to create right HERE on Sonoran Living!


Colorful Gluten-Free Birthday Tray with Wheat Grass

Super Simple with Terri OOur Sonoran Living producer Margo is a gluten & sugar free vegan. So when her birthday rolled around we did not know what we could do to celebrate it with the staff and honor her wishes at the same time. I came up with this idea and just loved it so much I wanted to share it with you.

First purchase a tray of wheat grass from the store. I found mine at Whole Foods for about $10. I kept it cool and fresh by placing it on top of a wet towel that I laid on cookie sheet. I spritzed the grass often with a water bottle to keep it fresh. Make sure you ask them for the newest tray. You want the grass to be short as possible. Most people want the grass to be longer so they can cut it and juice it so be sure to specify.

wheat grass veggie tray Terri ONext pick fruits and vegetables you like as well as based on color. I used things like purple kale and radicchio for the outside of the flowers and yellow and red bell peppers for the inside. I also used carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, strawberries, grapefruit and oranges. You can use anything you like.

You want to make your tray as close to the event as possible because it’s important to keep it cool. I made mine the day before, covered it with wet paper towels and kept it outside where the temperature was cool, around 50 degrees. You will have to be creative if it’s hot outside and it won’t fit into your refrigerator.

Wrap the outside with saran wrap. It keeps everything in place while transporting.


Tips for Sexy Drinks to Share with the One You Love

Oh la la! It is Valentine’s Day! Are you making a special meal for your sweetheart this evening?  Here is a ménage à trois of drink ideas to enhance the party!

sexy valentine's drinksWine and Chocolate

Box of chocolates

Decorative icing in variety of colors


Something to decorate the skewer with

1.       It’s best to put the box of candy in the refrigerator before piercing with the skewer.

2.       2. Decorate the candy after you skewered it.

3.       Lay across your wine glass and give it to your sweetheart.

Champagne and Strawberries

Cut out heart shapes from your strawberries and freeze them. Add them to your sparkling cider or champagne before serving.

Strawberry Roses

Candy Melts in pink: follow directions for melting

Sparkle gel in red



Something to hold them so they can set, I used a Styrofoam block

1.       Clean and dry strawberries. It is important to make sure they are not wet otherwise the candy will not stick or it will look clumpy.

2.       Insert a skewer into the strawberry so the leaves are at the bottom and dip the berry into the melted candy.

3.       Let set then decorate with red sparkle gel.

I am making these drinks to impress a sweetheart on Sonoran Living.

LOVE Squared Topiary

Super Simple Valentine CraftTerri O Tips:
Keep in mind the size of Styrofoam square you buy should be proportionate to your vase. That’s why I never give sizes because it depends on your vase. Also note that I am using tacky glue. A hot glue gun will melt the Styrofoam unless you have a high/low temp gun. The low temp may be okay. Test it first.

Craft Supplies Needed
· Vase
· Styrofoam ball that will fit snugly inside of vase
· Tacky glue
· Silk flowers (enough to cover all four sides)
· Styrofoam square.
· Chipboard letters
· Ribbon
· Glue gun
· Wire cutters (may be needed if you can pull the silk flowers off of stem)
· Moss
· Dowel

Project Instructions
1. Remove all silk flowers from the stems. Glue them on each side of the square using tacky glue. Let dry.
2. Insert round Styrofoam ball inside of vase. Make sure it fits very tight. You should have to push really hard to make it fit.
3. Cut dowel to the height you desire your topiary to be. Wrap the dowel with ribbon to cover the wood. Use a hot glue gun for a quick dry.
4. Attach chipboard letters to each side of the square. Lay them out to make sure they fit then use your hot glue gun to secure. TIP: You may have to glue down some of the flower petals first.
5. Insert dowel into bottom of square. Insert dowel into the Styrofoam ball inside your vase. Once it’s straight add a bit of glue to keep it secure. Cover the ball with moss. Secure with glue if you need to.
6. Tie ribbon bows on the dowel.

Valentine’s Day Wedding Gift Card Holder

Love_Wedding_Gift_CardholdeThis is a quick and easy card to make if you have the right tools on hand. I like the idea of using a black card. It’s different and will defiantly be noticed.


Craft Supplies Needed
· Black card & envelope
· Stamps: “celebrate”, “congratulations” and a heart
· Heat gun
· Embossing pad
· Embossing pen
· Embossing powder in platinum & red
· Self adhesive rhinestones. I used Love from Me & My Big Ideas
· Xyron sticker maker or glue stick
· Cutting tool and/or scissors
· Textured red paper
· Silver paper
· Paper with hearts by Sakar. This is a special handmade paper that was made with hearts. You can use almost any kind of rice paper. You can find handmade papers at specialty paper stores or scrapbook stores.

Project Instructions
Tear out a small piece of the heart paper so that it will fit thru your sticker maker. Place it towards the bottom and to the right of your card.
Using your embossing stamp pad, stamp the word “Celebrate” across the top at an angle. Add platinum embossing powder.
Stamp hearts randomly along the lower half of the card. Don’t be afraid to stamp onto the heart paper. Add red embossing powder.
Emboss the front of your card with the heat gun.
Tear a small heart out of the red textured paper and run it thru your sticker maker.
Place your red heart wherever you like on the front. I put it over the heart paper.